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Getting a wifi pod (volt customer)

Tuning in

Hi.  I'm a volt customer and therefore I believe I understand I can have up to 3 free wifi pods.  I have use the Virgin Media Connect app and tested each room.  All results are "great", except one room where the result is "poor" (download speed = 0 Mbps, signal strength = -74dBM).  I would like to try an improve on this use a pod/pods.  I thought the app would automatically allow me order one following the poor result, but it doesn't.  How do I get a pod/pods?  Can't find anything useful on the website or by calling 150 (just got sent a text link that isn't relevant).


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hello RR864


Thanks for posting in on the forums in regards to your services, we're pleased to hear they're good on the whole barring the one room, we understand the frustration this can cause and appreciate you raising this via the forums.


As you have advised, Pod's can be ordered via the Connect App, what happens when you try to order them? Do you get any error messages at all? 



The app does not give me the option to get any pods, even though the speed and connection is poor in one room.

Hi @RR864,

I'm sorry to hear that. What happens exactly when you perform the scan in the affected room/area of the home?



Zach - Forum Team
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I've just tried the test again.  I get the results (poor wifi speed - 5 mbps and then 8 mbps).  I then have the option to "learn more" or "finish".  Neither option leads to anything re ordering wifi pods.  "Learn  more" take you to some generic technical info.

Hi RR864 👋

Thanks for providing those additional details. It is very odd, as this does normally show when running the checks.

I will drop you a private message so we can look into getting this ordered for you. Please look out for my private message in the top-right, purple envelope.


Reece - Forum Team

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