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Fibre installation to road

Joining in

I live on a Close off a road that has access to Virgin Media Fibre, I’ve signed up with the postcode checker and am getting my neighbours to as well. Is there anything else I can do to increase our chances of getting VM Fibre installed up our road? 

Most people on the road only have access to about 50mpbs down and 5mpbs up at the most, so getting Fibre would be a total game changer from everyone.




Alessandro Volta

Is that Close a public road or private?  Virginmedia are always reluctant to to install on private roads because of wayleave issues.

And there's a catch 22 - it may not be worth their while to run in cables for just 1 or 2 new users, but if there is a demand for several new connections there may not be sufficient network capacity. 

Have you checked when Openreach are due to upgrade your present service to FTTP? 

Public road. I've used Openreach's postcode checker, and Ultrafast Full Fibre Broadband was 'Not available yet', but I clicked 'Keep me updated' and put in my details.

I also checked my postcode on their 'Our Ultrafast Full Fibre Broadband Build Plans' page, and it says 'We don't have any major plans to build in this exchange'.

Alessandro Volta

Might just be worth checking with your neighbours to see how many might be interested in putting in definite requests. But this won't be easy.