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Fed up with VM getting away with not supplying what I paid for, unreliable connection, no end in sight

On our wavelength

Every other week my upload speed plummets to <5MB/s, mind you I am subscribed to their top broadband package $$$


On top of that, my download speeds have NEVER been what is advertised, even while using a Wifi Booster from VM


Here's a DQM so you can see for yourselves:


I rely on this broadband to do a data intensive job and most of the time I am unable to work because either I lost the connection yet again and it takes VM weeks to fix (almost 3 weeks wihtout broadband  last month) or it's connected but completely unreliable


The cherry on top is that using their fault detector does not work, it always says "Everything is fine in your area", unless I specify I am still having issues or call their hotline, then it is disclosed they are aware of a fault in the area... in my opinion this is either:

- To avoid disclosing straight away how often there is something wrong going on, forcing users to dig to see it

- To give me a reason why the broadband is unreliable, because often times what I am told on the website does not match what I am told by the area tech/manager when I get them on the phone


My installation was checked recently, everything is fine. Just posting this in the hopes someone researching VM will see how bad it is and will decide on another ISP.   



When the "upload speed plummets to <5MB/s",

what are you uploading to and how is your computer connected ( WiFi /  WiFi extenders  / network cabled direct to the Hub / etc )  ?

Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hi SontSubToVM, thanks for reaching out on our help forum about this issue.
We're sorry to hear you're having issues with your service and speeds that have been ongoing, we'd love to best help with that.

From our system checks we've found there is an issue in the area that's currently impacting you, this is estimated to get resolved on 17/1 at 9am based on the latest updates from our engineers.
We're sorry to see the frustration and inconvenience this has caused you so far, could you please tell us if you've previously visited our service status page and found no info regarding this?
Please, do accept our apologies for the issues and rest assured we're aware of this fault.
Our engineers are also working on a fix, for receiving our latest updates you may subscribe for those on our service page and get an SMS or email each time there is a change in the status.

Do let us know if the above info helps, happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have ^AG

Forum Team

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