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Factory reset Hub 3 then update to latest firmware WILL remove malware?

Joining in

Could someone give guidance on how to fully factory reset my virgin router and then update to latest firmware. I don't think my router has ever had an update. And I suspect malware is a factor. Please advise.


Fibre optic

Hold the reset button for 60 sec and that will do a full reset

For reference our Hub 3 has taken updates over time and is now at Software (firmware) 9.1.2208.100

If you suspect a malware issue for the a Windows computer try :

Hey Client62

My goal is to reset and then update to the latest software, manually if possible. Also does the link you provided help with malware on the router itself? Thanks.

You can factory reset the Hub and it will be updated by an overnight by a software push. No manual software update options exist.

The link is for PC software malware.

If you have a malware issue the Hub is not going to be the concern.