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Day and time for IP and port filtering


Do you know how check/setup date/time for "IP and port filtering" on Hub3?

I was looking how add new device into router wifi. Cable connection works fine, wifi does't.
After hours I found solution: disable all existing security settings for "IP and port filtering" / "Mac address" / DHCP. With this solution it was possible to add new device into wifi.

Unfortunately I made selection for "Always on" on "IP and port filtering", so I have to click 120 times to setup back rules for 7 days at week.

It works somehow ... somehow, because router has same random date/time. Do not works as has been selected. How I know it? Use "inverse" selection. No internet as expected.

Scheduler has 7 * 24 fields = 168 fields. Devices have internet/no internet as expected, because "inverse" selection works and not because valid day/time has been selected.
How I can check/setup valid date/time on the router (hub3)?

What is odd: logs are only for 1970...

"IP and port filtering" was working "fine" for last few months.

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Alessandro Volta
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Re: Day and time for IP and port filtering

You need to get a better router with 1Gb ports that pulls the right time and use the hub in modem mode.

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Very Insightful Person
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Re: Day and time for IP and port filtering


I have already reported the issue with the 1970 to the forum staff as it looks like there is nationwide problem. This is what is causing your issue with the times, I will chase this up later today.



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