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Connection Surface Pro Laptops

Tuning in

Hey all, hope you're well. Here's a curious one you may have come across before. 

I and my sister both have the Surface Pro 4/5 Laptop, of course, made by Microsoft. 

Before we recently upgraded to the Super Hub 5, which for the most part a lot of our devices connected to, no problem. However, the two Surface Books did not, my only assumption would be the drivers that the two Surface Books use. Which to my knowledge are the

'Marvell AVASTAR Wireless-AC Network Controller'. 

Has the Super hub 5 got compatibility issues with this particular driver? If so, we know any fixes or work arounds? 




I solved the problem for my Surface Pro 4 (SP4) which (also uses the Marvel Wi-Fi chips) through the 'Security' submenu (under 'Wireless' on the Hub 5 menu to the left of the screen). After long-winded attempts to use VM support with no result other than a referral to the Device Repair Service - with the (turned out to be false) promise that my first use would be free. Faced with a £50 fee to try to solve what to me seemed to be a Hub 5 issue, I decided on a different approach - I bought a small USB Wi-Fi adaptor (TP Link 802.11ac) (which was still cheaper than spending £50! on VM support). The plug in adaptor seemed to do the job, but occasionally had its own issues - interruptions in connectivity.

I then found this Community forum answer (particularly Matthlock messages 7 & 😎  and this helpful Microsoft advice on managing Wi-Fi settings on the Surface Pro itself, if you need that.

In the end, I set up a Wireless MAC filter using the MAC address of the SP4. I then used this filter to deny the SP4 access to the Hub's 5 GHz network. I didn't need restrict any other device. Once applied, my SP4 was happy once again and enjoys great Internet access (albeit restricted to the 2.4 GHz band).

Since I didn't make any change to the SP4 itself. I can still benefit from the 5 GHz AC performance if I connect to another (non VM Hub 5 router). Until the Hub 5 gets fixed, setting up a MAC filter on the Hub seems the best compromise.

This worked fine for me. I only had the Hub 5 delivered a couple of days ago. All my devices worked fine apart from my Suface Pro 3. I was considering a soft reinstall of Windows, but your advice saved the day. The vast majority of the time it’s in the docking station on an Ethernet connection. I go wireless at the breakfast table. Many thanks for the advice.