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Censorship of DNS servers

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Hi there,

Can I ask why Virgin Media is blocking certain DNS servers and request that this censorship stop?

I attempted to set up as my DNS server provider and found that my devices could no longer access the internet.

I eventually entered into, which documents UK internet censorship, and found that it is indeed being blocked by Virgin:

Virgin is blocking other DNS providers too, e.g.:

I would like to choose my own DNS provider. Could you stop blocking DNS providers please?



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Check that you haven't got WebSafe (ChildSafe) enabled on your account.  If it is, turn it off or add to the whitelisted domains.

To get to WebSafe, login to My Virginmedia and go to Account Settings > Online Security. You can turn ChildSafe off from there or go to the websites tab and whitelist your doh dns server.


We have a Hub 3 in Router mode with Virus Safe Enabled & Child Safe Disabled.

Both DNS over HTTPS and DNS over TLS are working fine.

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Why do you think VM is blocking a DNS server? Don’t know why you are using it, but it takes 13 hops to get to it and that’s bad. I have no problem accessing it. Where have you specified the DNS server?

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