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Broadband almost non existent!!


Over the past couple of days Ive experienced horrendous broadband speeds (between 15 and 25mbps) Dial up used to be faster!

Spoke to VM 'Technical' twice, "Our tests are all coming back OK". I now have Netgear signal boosters on order as the original issue was in a different room and on a different floor in the house. The issue is now 12 inches away from the V3 Router!

Work from home they say..............How the hell can you do that with VM

I need an engineer, but first I need VM to accept that their system is crap at the moment! 


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Forum Team (Retired)
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Re: Broadband almost non existent!!

Hello, if you can send me a private message with your account number and are code/postcode and i will look into this for you

To send a PRIVATE MESSAGE please hold over my name until the option send message pops up.


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