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Booster broke

Tuning in


having a problem with my Wi-Fi booster.  At the weekend we had a power cut and when the power came back on my superhub 4 had stopped working.

Had an engineer visit this morning and replace hub which is working.

However just noticed booster no longer working.

have reset both boosters, but the smaller booster has no lights when plugging in.  Have tried calling but can’t get through to speak to a person.

is there anyway I can request a replacement on here?

I have 1 Gig BB and phone line.

thanks in advance. 




Hi @Iamgroot1


Thanks for your response


When downloading on your xbox, are you making sure no other apps/games are running in the background? As when I am downloading on my own Xbox the speeds are hindered even if an app such as YouTube is loaded

Forum Team

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Yeah I'm talking about how fast things download when nothing else is running. My console tells me if I suspend my game the file will download faster. I had to do the same with my 130mbps connection. I know this isn't virgins fault but you would think if you have a connection were you can get nearly 800mbps download speed without a game downloading it could go quicker than under 100 when you have a game running. Since the last engineer came out most of the time my downloads are now over 500mbps. I can only get about 250mbps on my TV and 300 on my fone. Those speeds are quick enough for those devices, I just want atleast the 500mbps on my console when I download when nothing else is running on it.  

Do you have console connected by Wi-Fi or cable?

A cabled connection to router may be better