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Booster broke

Tuning in


having a problem with my Wi-Fi booster.  At the weekend we had a power cut and when the power came back on my superhub 4 had stopped working.

Had an engineer visit this morning and replace hub which is working.

However just noticed booster no longer working.

have reset both boosters, but the smaller booster has no lights when plugging in.  Have tried calling but can’t get through to speak to a person.

is there anyway I can request a replacement on here?

I have 1 Gig BB and phone line.

thanks in advance. 




Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi John, 

Thanks for your post and welcome to the forums. It's really great having you on board with us in the Community. 

I'm sorry to hear the booster is no longer working with your new hub. They are configured to work with the Hub so when this changes, they need to be reconfigured. 

Please give the teams a call on 150 / 0345 454 1111 options 1, 3 then 3 again. They will be able to re-configure things to get everything working again. 

Pop back and let us know how you get on. 


Forum Team

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thanks for the reply. 
I have been in touch with customer service. 
we had a power cut and it looks like when the power came back on the hub and booster both broke. 
Hub has already been replaced and I’m waiting for a pod to be delivered to replace the booster. 


Joining in

What download speeds do you get with the 1 gig package if you don't mind me asking. When I upgraded to 1gig I was promised I'd never get less than 500mbps. Even wired my downloads are going under 100mbps and the quickest iv had was 700 but that was only for so many seconds 


I can get in the region of 960plus on Ethernet. 

Generally on Wi-Fi normally get 500mb plus depending on which device I’m using.


"Wired my downloads are going under 100mbps"  - this is a defective network cable causing the connection to de-rate from 1000 to 100 Mb/s.

Customers with a Gig 1 package are often unaware when Hub is working fine the lower device speeds seen are a result of their equipment not drawing data any faster. Computer software and bloated security packages can take a heavy toll.

500Mb/s is 25x the data rate of a BluRay disk, does wanting more on a laptop or iPhone make any sense.

For Hubs in Router mode this is very informative  :

Thanks for replying! Is that the speed you get wired when you are downloading a file like a game or the speed it says when you test the connection. I get speeds between 800 an 1130 when I test on the xbox but when I download a game iv never seen it go more than 700 and it can drop to 100.. with WiFi I never get more than 300mbps when I test the connection. Iv no way of telling how fast my fone or TV downloads a file.  

I want atleast 500mbps when I'm downloading a file/game on my xbox. I was told it wouldn't go below that and iv seen it do 700 and iv saw it do a full game with goin under 500 but it still goes as low as 100mbps or less. When I was on the 130 package it always went atleast 130.

You’ll not necessarily get top speed continuously whilst downloading a game. 
it depends what else you are doing, what else is connected to Wi-Fi such as TVs Music, phones etc….


The speeds have changed when iv only had my fone an tv connected... I know I can't play a game while downloading or it will go below 100 and it's always done that. The console even says if I suspend my game it will go quicker. The second I stop a game the speed shoots up but to no more than about 500.. I even had to get a pod to get a connection on my fone in my room.  My 130mbps router was fine without a pod