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5G sim and router?

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Hi there,


I'm currently using a 5G sim in a smartphone for internet access at work, but is it possible to use that sim in my old Hub3 router via an adapter or something?

That way, I'd be able to use the router as an access point throughout the office and also free up the phone.


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

VM Superhub's don't have SIM slots, and aren't equipped with 5G-radio technology.

The 5Ghz wireless band is not the same thing as 5G-mobile technology.

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What I really meant was that is there such a thing as an adapter so that I could inset the sim card into an adapter, then connect it to the Hub via ethernet cable?

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Very Insightful Person

It’s not an adapter, it’s a full blown LAN router and they are costly.

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Okey Dokey, thanks.