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24 hour plus outages on my hub 5 - regular occurrence.

Joining in

I got a new Hub 5 in December, which just gave me major outage after major outage. It was going off every other day from anywhere between 26 hours to 40 plus hours at a time. This is both WIFI and Ethernet. This Hub 5 was eventually replaced.

The replaced router now goes off roughly every 10-14 days. And is normally off for 24 hours plus. It never comes back on within 24 hours. This is driving me nuts. It's been off since 04.33 on the 15th of March 2023. That's 31 hours and counting.

Factory resets don't work. Router restarts don't work. Unplugging everything and factory resetting/rebooting does not work.

The Virgin Media engineer can't fix it. At Virgin Media's end, their tests show the router as on and working. But it's not. Full stop. I managed to get the engineer to my house when their end showed on, and he could see it was off in the house, with the white light showing - which indicates it is on and functioning correctly.

It seems to be an issue with not being able to obtain an IP Address. Possibly when the router has gone off due to a minor power cut. I would love to be able to get a solution for this. Changing the router hasn't fixed it. Although this one stays on for longer than the other one did.

Any help will be appreciated.


Alessandro Volta

well the good news - for VM is that its not off for more than 48 hours so tough you dont get compensation - thats very much tongue in cheek but about the level of support you would get from CS who will not have a clue - them saying its on when you know it is not is about the level of their knowledge

i assume the tech has done all the usual tests but start again - post the upstream and downstream levels and the log on a hub 3 its

log into hub - [or if in modem mode] - DON'T SIGN IN, click - click router status [centre of screen] - and post the downstream and upstream figures - to see those press on the grey buttons/boxes labelled - upstream - downstream

never seen a hub5 but it will be something like that


Sacked VIP

Thanks for the reply. I will try this when back home.

I had a hub 3 for a long time without issues.

Every test under the sun has been done by the engineer. Including a new tap at the box, replacement cables, new ethernet lead for the Tivo box.

Hi rubberbullet, thanks for the message and welcome to the forums. 

Can you confirm how it went with the advise which Tony supplied? 

Has the service improved since your last post? ^Chris