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2.4ghz/5ghz printers and speedtest

On our wavelength

Hello all.

Apologies if a bit of a rambling question. Hopefully it all makes sense !

Soon after having my Hub3 installed (in the front room, bad idea. Nobody here uses the front room) I watched this video and set it to modem mode with the same router as video connected by LAN to our hallway. Separated the 2.4 & 5ghz channels. All appeared to be fine and an improvement.

I'm not sure what happened, maybe a power cut or Hub3 reboot, but checked lately and found the Hub was back in router mode and the TP-Link was pretty much redundant. I turned off the TP-Link and checked how things were without it and it wasn't so bad.

We also have in a rear room the TP-Link RE300 plug-in mesh (EXT) which works very well giving a strong signal to Amazon fire stick.

Weird things are now happening though.

Speedtest on laptop 1 in back room had dropped to 4-5mbps ( this I managed to correct and improve to 60mbps by entering the / details)

Laptop 2 backup is fine, no problems connecting to both 2.4 & 2.4 EXT

I'm now having trouble connecting to printer in front room (I know, bad idea) from laptop one ( Brother laser showing as an error state, but prints fine from laptop 2) I know printers have trouble with two networks 2.4 / 5ghz so turn off 5ghz when setting printer to our network.

I can't work out if the problem is with laptop 1 itself or the Hub 3 and laptop 1 have a communication issue ? 

Maybe someone else has had a similar situation ? 

Cheers in advance



Alessandro Volta
Go back to modem mode.


I shall give that a try next (probably the only thing I haven't tried so far)

I've just turned off 5ghz for a while, connected the brother printer to the 2.4 network (same network as pc) still won't communicate 

Hello heronaddict. 

Just a quick message to see if you have been able to resolve this over the weekend?


Hi Gareth.

Can't say it's properly fixed. 

It appears one laptop in particular is not wanting to play ball. Managed (I think) to get Brother printer connected to 2.4ghz (same as laptop) but still getting printer in error state. Probably not a VM issue anyway. 

I'll get around to switching to modem mode one day this week and see if it helps (I'm doubtful !)


Just another follow up.

I started from scratch and downloaded the Brother utility including drivers (this I hadn't done when buying the printer, just powered it on and let Windows find it and made it default which had worked fine until recently)

All is now tickety boo 

Just a quick update re this Dell laptop speed.
Finally went through Windows files and programs last night.
I came across "smartbyte drivers and services" which upon research, is supposed to allocate bandwidth for streaming or something and is notorious for slowing speeds down.
My Dell was currently 4-5mbps
I deleted/uninstalled anything to do with smartbytes and now my speeds are up in the 70mbps.
Just advice for anyone with a sluggish Dell.

Hey there, thanks for reaching out to us.

I'm sorry to hear about the connectivity issue you've been having.
May I ask if this is resolved now or not? Let us know.

Kind regards.

Forum Team

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My experience of ALL Brother, HP, Epson is their wireless, for whatever reason far beyond my humble knowledge, absolutely do not like wifi channels other than channel 6.

In my set up I had to set static ip on my printer (i prefer statics anyway) and ensure on the access point the 2.4ghz band was set to channel 6 permanent.

None of the printers would connect to 5ghz probably as they may not support it and definitely not wifi6.