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Cant register for Virgin Media account

Joining in

I get an error message saying important work is being done on the site so am unable to register.


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi Gonzo63,

A warm welcome and thanks for posting on our community forums. If our web page is under maintenance, you will not be able to register until this work has been carried out and our website is back up and running.

Can we ask if you have tried again this morning? 

You can use the link here

If you're still encountering issues, please come back to us.

Kind regards Jodi. 


Hi Jodie,

Thanks for responding. I tried it just now and the same error. And is their actual maintenance ongoing that you specifically know of? Because i tried this a week ago and it was still under maintenance. And a quick google search suggests this has been an ongoing issue for certain customers for at least the last 4 years? This isnt a very good start to my virgin media customer experience.

Hi @Gonzo63,

Thank you for getting back to us on this. We don't have any current issues with the site and other customers are able to register for their accounts without issue.

At what point do you encounter an error message and what's the error message that you get exactly? Does an error code also appear?


Zach - Forum Team
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