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Cannot create my virgin account

Joining in

I have been a broadband customer for 5 days now and still cannot create account


I’ve tried all kinds of passwords long capitals symbols password checker says strong and sufficient but when I click ok it says cannot use this password


reading all the issues on here looks like a common issue and it’s not on my end this is something to with Virgin.


please advise.





I’m not in a pm with your colleague at all I had one person ask me what my account number was etc then I got a reply on here to say thanks for confirming your details someone will be in touch..3 days later still nothing!


Can you escalate this? Someone should have made contact with me by now.

We’re well over a month and I still cannot create an account can one of you please get this sorted because I’m losing my patience!!!!

I'm a long time customer over 17 years. I suddenly lost access to my account and emails since it won't recognise the password. Trying to reset but all i get is the well known error " you can't use that password please try another".

I've tried everything and it's not good seeing this problem has been going on for a long time with no apparent answer. So now i can't access any emails

Many apologies for the issues faced Walshnickd,

Just from checking our service I can see that this matter is still being investigated, apologies for the delays however the team are looking to resolve this as soon as they can.