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Can’t sign up to virgin media app- password issue

On our wavelength

I’ve spend over 3 hours on the phone to virgin media over the last 7 days trying to find someone who can help me set up my account with virgin. Everytime I select a password it won’t let me in. 

I’ve spoke to 3 technical support people who promise to call me back but don’t. This is my last attempt before I leave virgin after just 1 week! 




Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hi Ihateithere666, 

Thank you for coming back to us. 

I am very sorry to hear you have cancelled, this is not what we would want to happen. 

Please do reach out if there is anything we can assist with in the future. 




If Virgin were willing to give me a month free I would tell them how to sort out the issues they’ve had for years 

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If you’re not here to help anyone then get off the thread, whinging over a free month 

I am helping people….I’m telling people this is an issue that Virgin have had for years that they are unable to resolve. I’m advising people not to let the tech support team let people run down rabbit warrens when they haven’t got a clue what they are doing.

Im also helping people by letting them know there is a solution to this problem but I want something in return from Virgin. The only people that are not helping in this forum are you and virgin 

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There’s no help I can offer. I posed a question and have since said what I’ve done because I can’t be bothered with the rigmorale but you’ve literally said you “do have the answer to sort this out” but because you can’t get what you want you won’t share it. You were told a week ago they can’t offer you a month free yet here you still are, helping no one sooo excuse me for not caring about your supposed solution.

If I knew how to fix this I’d just share it instead of begging for something over and over 😂

It’s called principle. Cheers Norris 

Tuning in

A family member of mine is having the same problem. He can’t view his bills or set up a direct debit. He’s spent hours on the phone & gets absolutely nowhere. It’s obviously an IT issue but Virgin don’t seem to care. 🤬