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How to order a replacement SIM card

Need to get hold of a replacement sim card? You’ll just need to speak with an advisor so they can get everything set up on the account ready for the new SIM. Simply dial 789 from a Virgin Mobile handset, or 0345 6000 789 from any other line. You can ...

Kev_B by Community Manager (Retired)
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Amazon gift voucher

Hello.In June 2022 I bought a virgin media sim card for £6 per month and it was meant to come with an amazon gift voucher after 120 days. It has now been that length of time and I have not received an email about the gift voucher.Please can someone a...

R.E CISAS mutual resolution

Does anybody know if Virgin fail to adhere to a CISAS decision if its legally binding. I came to a mutual agreement with Virgin for a sum of £178 but they have not sent the cheque. I enquired with them as I understand if there's a delay however they ...

Virgin Mobile parked

So after making the switch from Sky to Virgin Media and being very happy with the package, the service and the speed everything was sorted. I decided to take out a new phone with Virgin too as my EE contract is up in November. However I’ve now been m...

MrMJB89 by Joining in
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Spending Cap Error?

Hi thereNot sure if anyone else has had the same thing, hopefully someone from Virgin can contact me directlyI’ve just had the following text come through “You've hit your spending cap, which will reset on your next refresh. Head to

Does Virgin pay early termination charges?

Hi,I am currently with Vodafone, and have recently joined Virgin Media for TV and Broadband. I was wondering if Virgin have any offers to pay early termination charges for other carriers?My contract does not expire until next July but I was thinking ...

TWD103 by Tuning in
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Resolved! Unexpectedly added to O2

Hi,I rang Virgin to talk about difficulties I would have connecting my home phone to the Virgin router which is in a somewhat inaccesible place.  A helpful person said an appointment with an engineer would be arranged. She then said that I am entitle...

paleo12 by Tuning in
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Not received Amazon gift card.

Hi, I signed up for the £6 for 5GB SIM Only Plan on 27/4/22 and expected to have the £25 amazon voucher by end of August latest.  I have been in touch with broadbandchoices who have sent me over 10 emails stating this is continuously being investigat...

Mobile Phone lost in transit

I was contacted by the Virgin Sales team to upgrade my phone.  I wasn't keen because my current phone was like new but they was persistent so a few days later I agreed.  I was offered £384 for my phone & was told to clear (erase everything) and pop i...

wardhat by Joining in
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