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How to order a replacement SIM card

Need to get hold of a replacement sim card? You’ll just need to speak with an advisor so they can get everything set up on the account ready for the new SIM. Simply dial 789 from a Virgin Mobile handset, or 0345 6000 789 from any other line. You can ...

Kev_B by Community Manager (Retired)
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Porting issue

So this is an issue I have now had for 3 weeks and from looking at other posts I suspect it’s a split port issue. I have moved from Tesco Mobile to Virgin mobile and my old number was due to port on 16th Nov. All looked like it was ok as I could ring...

mhill35 by Joining in
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O2 current customer

Hi i have just last month ordered a vm o2 package which is any time calls and broadband.have seen on the normal vm site some good mobile phone sim deals can i ask are they with vm and o2 or just vm??what is the best way to get them or a deal with my ...

Hosay299 by Dialled in
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Order parked

I have recently placed an order number 100001834298900, everything went through fine and I have now received an email saying it has been parked. Nobody can assist me with this and I am hoping someone can advise me further. I have received no calls ba...

Order parked

Ordered a contract phone on friday, order has been parked since, unsure as to why, can this be looked into? Order number 100001837667095

Cancelling Mobile Contract

Hi,     Can someone guide me on how to cancel my mobile contract? I'm unable to call in and have been waiting patiently for a response from the online chat for the last hour. I'm actually out of contract on my sim so don't need to give any notice on ...

O2 billing

Hi I took out 26 monthly package offer with the addition offer of O2 sim which is supposed to be £7 monthly after discount from original £12. But my O2 1st bill has come through as £12.  Is the £5 discount supposed to be coming from virgin media or v...

Resolved! O2 Priority

I can’t get into O2 Priority by any route web or app keeps throwing me out! I have read that this is a problem being experienced by many Virgin Media customers does anyone have an update on this please?