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How to order a replacement SIM card

Need to get hold of a replacement sim card? You’ll just need to speak with an advisor so they can get everything set up on the account ready for the new SIM. Simply dial 789 from a Virgin Mobile handset, or 0345 6000 789 from any other line. You can ...

Kev_B by Community Manager (Retired)
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Resolved! Transfer Virginmobile accounts

My adult children do not live with us anymore. They want to take over and pay for their own mobile phone accounts that are still under my name. Their accounts were created when they were still at school.Can this be done online or can a VirginMobile a...

Mobile data website blocking

today I’ve tried to access betting apps and my mobile data won’t load the app so I try googling them and they say server not found then I tried a website that sells alcohol and that said server not found, then tried a normal clothing website and load...

Resolved! Voicemail issues

Hi, I am currently on holiday and need to reset my PIN for voicemail access could someone please help, I have tried to follow previous guidance  thank you in advance Peter 

Ongoing porting issue

Oh dear virgin, not off to a great start. Just called customer service again for an update on porting issue with my number and the CS agent cut me off, the agent  I had yesterday showed far more empathy for my plight and I could tell was bending over...

Sh36 by Tuning in
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O2 Priority - Invalid Auth Tocken

Hello,I am getting very frustrated trying to get o2 Priority tickets for a concert tomorrow. Once I have logged into my Virgin account on the o2 Priority website it has asked me to 'enter your phone number' which I have to verify my device but I keep...

cfri6278 by Joining in
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Penalized for changing package

Yesterday I was offered a better package to volt  at no additional cost,to which I I have received proposed bills which equate to approx £100 above my agreed package cost .On querying this amount ,it seems I am been penalized for leaving...