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How to order a replacement SIM card

Need to get hold of a replacement sim card? You’ll just need to speak with an advisor so they can get everything set up on the account ready for the new SIM. Simply dial 789 from a Virgin Mobile handset, or 0345 6000 789 from any other line. You can ...

Kev_B by Community Manager (Retired)
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SIM new number

Got a free SIM with broadband package that gave unlimited broadband and minutes and text  on it but service wasn't good where I live so transferred number to a different supplier SIM now the SIM from virgin doesn't work.  I want to use it when I am a...

N1kk11 by Tuning in
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Resolved! Getting DSAR from Virgin

I have been trying since last October to get a DSAR from Virgin Media. It seems that they are a law unto themselves and that the actual law is something that they don't need to abide by?Previous request have been ignored/cancelled by them without eve...

MP12345 by Tuning in
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Order parked

Hi. I ordered a phone contract with you on 3 of January,unfortunately the order is parked since then with no contact from any customer service telling me if the order went through or not 

Exceeded spending cap

I’ve just received this text message and don’t have any idea why. Can you please help?“You've hit your spending cap, which will reset on your next refresh. Head to to login and change it.”I have unlimited texts and phon...

Allen114 by Joining in
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parked order

Hi, I have ordered the Iphone 14 pro and it says pending, please could you let me know whats happening with my order please order number is removed thanks in advance [MOD EDIT: Order number removed]

biglewis by Joining in
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Incorrect Default Removal

In July my wife received a letter from BPO Collections.The letter stated she had an outstanding debt of £237. My wife does not and has never had any accounts with Virgin Media, Virgin Mobile or any other Virgin Company!!!!!!BPO Collections said in Ju...


Hi,I would extremely appreciate help in this matter, I currently am looking to retrieve a phone number from a sim that has been deactivated a year ago, I have has a lot of important business contacts that have this phone number and really need this n...

Safz_01 by Just joined
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Cancel 30 day rolling sim

Lost phone informed virgin mobile they have sent a new sim. I no longer require the sim have not activated it. Will this cancel the 30 day rolling contract so I do not have to pay virgin or do I need to do something else

Parked order

Hi I made a order yesterday and my order still says parked I spoke to someone but never got any help back can I have some assistance please

Ghost330 by Joining in
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