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Resolved! Credit agreement - who has them now.

I have had no end of trouble since O2 took the mobile phone side, some have been sorted out but the fraud is in the hands of the police.Anyway O2 keep sending me emails telling me that the credit agreement I took out with Virgin is being read byO2 as...

Credit Agreement sign in

after getting an email about the price increase for mobile phone air time i wanted to check my credit agreement but i cannot log into it. everytime i try my edge browser changes the four digit bank account number into the securiy key box. i deleted t...

Screenshot (11).png

Security key

Hi im also struggling to find this. I've searched through all of my emails. Can anyone help please? Thank you

Ay51mee by Joining in
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direct debit for mobile loan

I accidentally cancelled my direct debit for Virgin Media mobile loan (thinking it would be sent to 02). Now can't find out how to set up a new one, and how long my contract runs for. The Virgin Mobile site doesn't seem to have anything in it, lots o...

aidancam by Joining in
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Virgin mobile handset - change direct debit

Hi I have a virgin mobile handset that i am paying off. There is roughly 1 year left on the contract, but i want to change the direct debit. I have tried all sorts and cant find anyway to do this? I have got to a page that asks for a security code? B...

Lainey87 by Joining in
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Warning to others - VM can destroy your credit score!

I just wanted to put this out there to warn others. Virgin mobile placed a default on my credit report without giving me a notice. Apparently in their contracts they are not legally required to send you a bill or give you a default notice before issu...

Kj9 by Joining in
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O2 sim delivery

Hello, I recently swapped from Sky to Virgin and agreed to a new O2 SIM card too, at the time I was told this would be delivered within 3 days but to date I have not received an email from O2 to even indicate that an account has been created.can anyo...

Resolved! credit agreement

im trying to pay off the balance of my Virgin mobile credit agreement and cannot find a way of doing this online. i have all the details i need just no-one to take them.also cant find any phone numbers to try as they all seem to get routed to O2 who ...

tony_007 by Joining in
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