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Virgin Mobile plans have moved to O2

In January 2023, we announced that Virgin Mobile customers would be moving to O2 plans by the end of the year, and that we’d be simplifying our mobile offering under the O2 and giffgaff brands. We've now completed this activity, and if you need help...

Kei_M by Community Manager
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Why charged 1p for roaming internet?

While travelling in the USA I've noticed a charge from a couple of days ago of £0.01 for using the Internet in zone 1 (1KB) on my UK Virgin Mobile account.The amount is completely immaterial but I can't see how or why there's any charge when mobile d...

Bloggski by Joining in
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Unable to register

Hi, when I try to register for my virgin media so I can it just keeps saying password in valid and won't register?

Jen14 by Joining in
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Resolved! credit limt HELP

hi everyone, this morning i recieve the normal 2 texts from virgin mobile saying my monthly allowances have been refreshed and alls good. 2 minutes later i get a 3rd text to say my credit limit had almost been reached which is the second time this ha...

Order made

I made a order for a virgin mobile earlier today and i checked the status of the order and it says parked please could i have help understanding why 

Frank88 by Joining in
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Credit Score

I am 18.My phone has been in my mums name for 3 years. We just transferred it all in to my name.I have tried to upgrade to an Iphone 14 but have been told that I cannot as I have no credit score.I am really cross as no-one warned me that this might b...

Niclips by Joining in
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Order parked

Please can somebody advise. My order got parked no reason given. Seems like a silly way to do it park the order after doing the credit check as now if I go with another provider its multiple credit checks which will bring my score down. Anyhow I plac...

Nobby85 by Joining in
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Resolved! Unique security key

Just upgraded my mobile on line. It asking me to agree my credit agreement with my unique security key, but I don’t know what this means. Can anyone help please?

nana1 by Joining in
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