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Problems trying to buy new Virgin Mobile sim

I'm trying to buy a new VM sim for £5.95 per month online so that I can move from Sky. I can't complete the purchase as it gets to a screen where it detects that I once was a VM customer (years ago) and wants me to log in. I don't know what the passw...

Mimlloyd by Joining in
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Price increase

Hi, I've just noticed that my air time package has had a price increase, has anyone else had this without being notified in advance?

Lesley36 by Joining in
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Hi I’m trying to order a phone and iPad bundle but can not complete the order as don’t remember any details of my mobile account I had years ago so then the price goes up try resetting but asked for virgin number and tried registering a new email and...

S23 ultra deal

Hi all, Just wondering if anybody knows if/when the current deal with Disney+ will either end or change?I'm looking at buying the S23ultra but it currently comes with 6mts free Disney+ which we already have. I'm hoping they'll offer free Buds or some...

Wrong email address

Hi I signed up for broadband but made a typo with my email address I spelt it wrong so haven't received my welcome email.How do I correct this so virgin have my correct email address 

Move to o2 hasn't happened

I got a text on Thursday 30th March saying that I would be moved from Virgin to o2 overnight. This hasn't happened and I haven't received any further messages or emails. Does anybody know what's going on?

ZXT by On our wavelength
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Change mobile contract date

Hello! Anyone know if its possible to alter the date your mobile billing period runs from? Currently, my billing period runs from the 10th of the month but I'd like to change it to the 5th. Is this possible? Thanks 

Tablet promotion going on?

Received a random call about a promotion for a tablet with a SIM for $14/month."Why wouldn't you want it?", she kept asking.Tried to reach out to Virgin Plus through FB Messenger to see if it is legit, and they kept asking for my account number.With ...

f1ukimo by Joining in
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