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Security Key - Virgin Handset Contract

Hi there, I need my security key to check my handset contract with Virgin. My airtime was migrated over to O2. Could somebody please help me find it/reset it? I recently purged my emails and so do not have access to the security key anymore! Cheers!

Handset Credit Agreement

Hi,I'm trying to pay off the rest of my handset Credit agreement. I last did this via WhatsApp however it's now directing me to call up where I end up in a cycle of the IVR. Please can you help?

computer says no

I have had enough now. I have deleted both the virgin media app and the O2 app because I cannot log in to either with the saved credentials in google password manager. I havent got the time/energy to go through the forgotten credentials malarkey. if ...

my security key

Hi,I want to pay my mobile plan to Virgin mobile. I moved to o2 and I lost my security number. I look everywhere. I delete the email provably. How can I pay the remain balance?

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Customer Service Complaint

I would like to complain about the treatment received by customers services on the phone. I am now struggling to contact customer services to do this. Please can someone provide me with an email address to log my complaint? 

Loan Agreement paid off

Hi there, I have made the last payment of my loan agreement for my handset. I’ve been transferred over to O2 months ago, can you tell me what happens next? 

Handset Credit Agreement

I’m trying to find out how long is left on my mobile handset credit agreement. I don’t know any of the details to be able to log in. Speaking to anyone at virgin media transfer me to O2 and O2 have no idea and tell me to go back to Virgin Media. Stuc...