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Received a new unsolicited 2nd SIM card

Hi all,I have suddenly received a 2nd new  Pay Monthly SIM card (at £5.95 /mth with a new separate mobile number) that I did not order.I am not interested in a 2nd SIM, as I already have a Pay Monthly SIM on my current contract (Broadband+SIM).I'm su...

VMUser6 by Joining in
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Parental controls still active when switched off

Hi.I've been noticed that recently I can not visit certain websites such as reddit and any adult sites. (through a browser it give a ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR message).I have never turned on parental controls and the sites not working are the sites bloc...

Joshymcd by Joining in
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Resolved! Order marked as parked

Hello, I've tried ordering a new phone on contract and all was going well until I checked the order status and it was "parked" but I've not had any emails about the order, other than the one that said "There's only a few more checks between you and t...

Oops something went wrong- help!

I can login to my virgin media mobile account but from there I can’t access anything within my account! I have tried multiple browsers, incognito, different devices and a password reset but nothing seems to work. How can I fix this? 

Bac93 by Joining in
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Abroad and need to set up but soft lock on account

Hi I’m on holiday in the USA but didn’t set my phone up before I left the UK. I’ve just tried to do it on the website but it says the action can’t be done because my financial account has a soft lock on it. I’ve never missed a payment so what does th...

ClaireEg by Joining in
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Resolved! Re: Parental controls

I am also having the same issue, would really appreciate it if someone could help me turn the parental lock off so i can check bets when out with friends.

O2 Priority app log in

I’m a virginmobile customer and have 4 sims and a phone. I’ve tried logging into O2 priority app using my log in details (the same as I would to get to my billing account) but I get a message saying your email address or password was incorrect. It ap...