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Upgrade problems

I would like to express my dissatisfaction with the service, or lack of that I just received when trying to do something as simple as getting an upgrade on a mobile phone contract 

I phoned through on behalf of my dose and understandable I had to put my wife in the phone to pass security. So far so good, my wife passed security and gave permission for me to speak on her behalf.

So I started to discuss with the gentleman an upgrade. I told him the phone and tarriff that I wanted etc and discussed paying off the current freestyle contract. To this point I had been on the phone about 15 minutes or so. I was told we are nearly done but just need to be transferred to somebody to pay off the freestyle loan. This is where everything swiftly went down hill.

I was blind transferred so the person I got through to had no idea who I was or why I was transferred to them. Then we had to go through all the security stuff again so I had to go back to my wife on the phone. Again security passed but this time that refused to speak to myself. Insisting it is policy that they cannot speak to a 3rd party for an upgrade. I had wasted all that time with the first person then I have to start relaying answers through my wife about the upgrade we wanted. Then to further frustrate us that wanted to ask lifestyle questions about why we wanted that phone. My wife said we're not interested in more questions and can we just order the phone and they insisted we needed to answer these irrelevant questions. All we wanted to do was upgrade which should be easy. By this point we had been on the phone for 35 minutes and I was so frustrated with the difficulty in doing something that should be simple we decided not to upgrade and we are seriously considering moving to a different network. 

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Re: Upgrade problems

Set up an online account here

you can then upgrade etc online cutting out the ignorant staff at customer service

Unfortunately you'll still have to contact them to pay off your existing phone contract. 

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