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Re: Placed in arrears as direct debit is not taking my money despite being able to pay it

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can someone help me with this. Tried to swap two of my loans. Basically loan a was setup with bank an and loan b was setup with bank b. I changed it to Loan a to bank b and loan b to bank a. Direct debit setup and active in online banking but payment not taken. Help!


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Hi AaronCater, thanks for the message. Can you give us a little more information? Are you saying that the Virgin Media handset loan has not been taken or is this an issue with the Virgin Media account? Are you trying to set up a direct debit on your Media account? ^Chris. 

The direct debit on one loan was coming out fine previously. I went through virgin media live chat and switched the direct debit details and I could see the new direct debit setup with my bank a few days later. Payment for the handset loan wasn’t taken on 2nd Feb and now I’m in an arrears. Payment for the tariff was taken though?

the other virgin mobile loan - it is a new order so a payment was never taken before and a few days after getting the device I changed the DD for the tariff online, and then chatted with live chat to change the DD for the device loan. This one hasn’t been taken at all yet so time will tell 

Thanks for getting back to us AaronCater

When you switched your direct debit details, did you receive any sort of written confirmation?  A copy of the direct debit guarantee, etc?  Sorry.  I am trying to verify if the system still possibly has your previous details assigned.



No, we didn’t receive anything. The agent on live chat said it was changed for both and confirmed it on the day. 

@Lee_R could you PM me and see if we can resolve this and set the direct debits up properly and to pay the arrears. I don't want it to harm credit scores!

Thanks for getting back to us AaronCater.  

If you're wishing to set up your direct debit and make a payment towards your loan agreement, you'd be best calling on 789 or 0345 6000 789, from any other network.  We're unable to action either of those on this platform, sorry.