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Re: Interactive games

Dear Virgin Media team,

Apologies to say but the costs you are imposing on people are not clear in any way and they do not seem to be very legal either.

When I signed up for the contract, the sales representative was asked for breakdown of costs for any of the TV inclusive/non inclusive services-I never received this inspite of my request.
No information received from engineer installing the box, no information received via contract/e-mail about the same.

No e-mail/phone communication received for the 13 games subscriptions. I only received an e-mail notification about Netflix. My children aged 4 and 7 have added £75 to my monthly bill just by clicking on buttons on the TV. I am not a singular case from what I see. Cancelling subscriptions on the other hand proved to be much more troublesome and it took 6 people and 4 hours on the phones to confirm me which services I have to pay for in the upcoming month. 

On top of that your employee who named himself as Antony was really rude- said he wants to speak to somebody else from household because he has no understanding with me even though I mentioned to him I am a single mom alone with kids in a foreign country. I asked him if he preferred to speak to my 4yo son or with the 7yo one instead...He then cut off phone when i asked to speak to a manager

Next representative I spoke to was a lady who spoke constantly over me, said costs are mentioned in contract-when asked which date contract was sent on and what line in the contract said that she cut off phone too.

Phone cut off 3 times too whilst I was put on hold to speak to IT department!

Last representative I spoke with(6th lady)- could not find any information about the cost breakdown or about the PIN needing to be changed to avoid extra costs, either in the contract or the website although call lasted over 30 minutes.

In total I have spent nearly 4 hours speaking to your team and got nowhere in the fist day of the year and your employees were so rude they brought me to the point where I ended up crying. Great start of the year!
Complaint Number C0121975 was raised in regards to the above.

I expect this to be revised as a high priority because earlier complaint was ignored for over a month and a half!

I also expect to receive a copy of the call recording because, as per GDPR regulations in place I am allowed to request these. If the costs will not be settled in a reasonable way, I intend to take this to the court too as it is unacceptable.

To this I have to add that if I want to cancel the contract I have with yourselves given all my negative experience you expect me to pay an additional cost of up to £270...


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Re: Interactive games

Hi Emilia123,


Thanks for posting and welcome to our community 🙂


I'm sorry to hear of the situation and the experience you've had with us so far.


So I can get a few more details to help I've sent you a private message.



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