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PAC code x 2

Joining in

I have requested pac codes for my 2 numbers but I only got one sent through. How do I get 2 pac codes please? It appears this is a regular problem


@Kain_W  - thanks for your quick response. I have found the solution on another post. Funny I could not find that one before joining the community forum.

Basically, you individually switch (NOT cancel) the PAC to a STAC and then switch back to a PAC one phone number at a time. Best read that post for the exact details and appropriately Kudos them.    

I did it within minutes after reading, its quicker than calling. That said, the VM operators have always been great. A shame, I have been on VM, nearly since it's inception. Sadly I had to move all my PAYG a few months back for the elderly folk, no issues with those PACs.

Now, fingers crossed on the next step, moving on my PM phones this time.

All the best.



Hi @dkhc, thanks for your reply and confirmation you've got this sorted that's great news.

If you do need help with anything further in the future, please don't hesitate to let us know!

Many thanks