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Managing my mobile while on a family plan

Joining in

Hi could u please possibly help with a query I'm having?? 

What it is is I'm on a virgin contract have been for years, The account is one of the Sims on my mum's virgin account so all is in her name, payed off my phone plan a while ago now I'm just on a simple £6 tariff. I wanted to get a new phone upgrade but didn't want to do it through my mum's account this time, rather set it up to pay from my own account. How would I go about doing this and can I get any help? 




Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi Kime84,

Thank you for your post and welcome to the community. 

What you would need to do is port out your number to another company. 

Then take out a brand new contract with ourselves and port the number back over to us.

We are unable to do change of ownserships.