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Closed account in 2012 - still "late payment +6" is being reported on credit reports each month

Hello there

I had a mobile contract started in February 2012. It was contract with mobile device. Mid 2012 I lost my job and I was unable to pay the bill.

Since then my situation improved and I was slowly rebuilding my credit profile. However, I noticed that Virgin Mobile is reporting "active account" and "late payment +6 months" every month to Equifax and Callcredit agencies.

How can this account be still "active"! Last email I received from Virgin was in November 2012. I am unable to access my account online.

The 6 years period, after which data is removed from credit reports, is there for a reason. Is it even legal - to not default the account and claim it is still active?

I'm not claiming that I don't owe any money, I am worried by my credit report - is should be cleared by now.

What is the best way to resolve that?

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Re: Closed account in 2012 - still "late payment +6" is being reported on credit reports each month

Hi Avantuur,


Thanks for your post on the Community and welcome. I'm sorry to hear that your credit file has been affected adversely due to an old account showing still active. 


Please email the team direct here:

Make sure to include the following details:
•    Full Name
•    Full address where you had services 
•    Account number and mobile number
•    State specifically what you are disputing on the credit file and with which company they have used to view your credit file and any other relevant information about this issue.

Please note that our team aim to respond to you within 14 days.
Kind Regards,
Virgin Media Forum Team

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