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Tuning in

For some reason, VM recently turned on paper statements for my account, and started charging me for the privilege. I'm trying to turn eBilling on again, but like other members of this forum, I can't do it. The instructions on the website just go round in circles, and there is no option to switch on eBilling in my account. It seems that others have solved the problem by direct contact from VM. It would make a lot more sense to fix the website

Please can you help turn eBilling on, and refund me the charges for the paper bills I've received



Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hey boniget, thanks for posting on our help forum with your issue today,

We're sorry to hear your bills went back to default with paper billing option on and you've been charged with the fee of £1.75 monthly due to this change.
We understand how frustrating it can be especially since you're unable to switch back to e-billing from your account online.

Could you please let us know if you've recently made any changes on the package / account or if you've moved houses recently?
For switching to e-billing please visit this link and follow the advice given there, you can start by clicking on 'sign up to e-billing' and see if this works for you.

Please, kindly check and let us know if this helps. In case you're still struggling with changing this give us a shout and we'll be glad to assist further.

Forum Team

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hi Adri

Yes, I signed up to a new contract recently. I was receiving paper VAT invoices (as well as eBilling), but I don't need them anymore, so I requested they be stopped. Instead of that, I've started receiving full paper bills, which I didn't request, and I'm being charged for them.

I spent half an hour going round the loops on the website, including the link you posted. It doesn't work - there is no 'My Account' section I can access to get to 'Switch to eBilling'. I've tried in two different browsers, and via the MyVirginMedia app, which just takes you to the website app anyway.

Is there another way to do this? I can see I'm not the only one having problems with this in the forum

Thanks for coming back to us. I will send you a PM now

Kind regards,

Forum Team

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where do I find the PM?

Hi boniget, thanks for getting back to us.

I am sorry you've not received your private message.  I will send you one now.  Please look out for the purple envelope in the top right of your screen.



I've also recently started a new contract, and my account says I'm signed up to ebilling, but I've just got a paper bill, which I've been charged £1.75 for. I am also going round the ridiculous loops that the awful Virgin Media website makes you do - and getting nowhere. 

Please advise how to stop paper bills and get onto ebilling. (The link that you sent to the other person just links back to the awful website loop....)


Hello Ringading007


Thank you for taking the time to post on the forums in regards to your new account and billing method. We appreciate the confusion this can cause and are happy to help further. Welcome to the community.


To look into this further I will need to confirm some details with you, I will send you a Private Message and look forward to hearing back from you.



Hi Ringading007,

Thanks for the private message, glad that we could get you back up and running with Ebilling.

If you have any further issues, please come back to us through this channel.

All the best Jodi. 


I've just received another paper bill, and have been charged for it. Please make it stop, and refund me for the charges.