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anyone else being misled on new contracts

Tuning in

It is increasingly obvious to me that retentions and live chat are telling customers that their new contracts will have no price increases during the life of the contract then sending out a new contract where this is contradicted. I have.written back saying I reject the new contract, have a verbal contract and asking for sars to back up my claims. If this was the case when you negioatated a new contract do not assume because you have a print out of the live chat this will be of any use. If it is over 120 days you will also have a problem with getting a sar. my question is “is this a deliberate ploy by VM and if so shouldnt Ofcom do something about it”


Hi @gwilson6838 thanks for your reply.

Many of our customers who join us take promotional offers for a period of time which will be fully honoured. These customers will all receive a price rise communication, but the 2023 price rise won’t be applied until after their offer price promotion ends. Their communication from us will explain this. 

If you have agreed a contract recently, then it's possible that this letter you have received is relating to your old contract, not the one you've recently agreed.

If there is an issue once your next bill is generated, please let us know.

Many thanks


that unfortunately will not meet the promise not to increase payments for the life of the contract. This would still leave me liable for an inspecified increase in April 2024

Hi Gwilson6838 👋 thank you for getting back to us! 

Just to make things super clear, you can find our full terms and conditions here 👉

When agreeing to a new contract a full copy of both your contract and the T's and C's are sent in advance, and must be consented to by the customer ahead of the order processing. In giving your consent to process the order you agree to full T&C's and terms outlined in the contract. 

It looks as though you have already raised a complaint with us regarding your case, so we have a record of your feedback and are able to investigate, discuss a resolution and respond. If you need further support please let us know and we can send you a PM if needed. 

Wishing you all the best. 🌞