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Virginmedia payment has gone missing

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Right where do i start? On the 3rd of may at 11.53am i paid my virginmedia bill using the the quickpay via "my virginmedia app", never had any issues paying this way before so during the payment process i was hit with an error screen "We are sorry but there is a problem with this service, please try again later" ok fair enough but then a mere 2 seconds later a notification pops up on my phone telling me £97.00  with the card ending on (my number) has came out my account, so that's it paid or so i thought, i got not confirmation email but the money came out and on my bank app said "it was pending".......Two days later pending status is gone and still no confirmation of payment and now the money is taken from my bank account, i phones virginmedia twice at this point and they said no payment has been recieved, so i phones my bank and they told me that on the 3rd of may at 11.53am a payment of £97.00 was debited from your account ending on (my number) and they gave me the authorization number, so i phones virginmedia again, went through the same process and even gave them the authorization number for the payment, i even sends proof, bank statements, screenshots of the error screen and screenshot of the notification of the payment on my phone and still nothing has been done about it, yesterday i find out my next bill has been added to the existing bill and with a late charge on top of that.

I'm seriously frustrated, bank tells me i've paid and virginmedia is saying i haven't.


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I have the same problem and my payment date was the 3rd of may also. My broadband has been suspended but I'm not sending them a second payment when it's clear I can prove they have my first

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hey @sportsvcd & @Copps321,

Welcome back to the Community Forums and thanks for the posts.

Sorry to see that you are both having similar issues with your payments, I am more than happy to look into this for you and see about getting this rectified,  what I would like to do for you is invite you both in for quick private messages, I will be sending these to each of you momentarily.

If you have not used our private message feature before you can access it from a computer via the envelope at the top of your screen, if you are on a mobile or tablet, you will need to click on your profile icon.

Speak to you soon. Joe

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Well since it appears nothing is getting done about it and nobody is giving me an answer, I'll pay this bill but once my contract is up then I'm done, you will be hearing from my lawyer soon.