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Re: Virgin overcharged me £216 due to tech fault, not provided refund

Your response is very unhelpful. 

As stated in my original post, it has taken me a lot of phone calls to even establish that Virgin is not sending a cheque. Until December Virgin's customer service kept telling me a cheque was in the post. That is why I am asking for the cheque - this is not something I have pulled out of thin air.

In addition it is not my responsibility to sort out an error by Virgin with my bank. When you phone a bank to dispute a payment the first question they will ask is if you tried to sort it out with the company. The bank is supposed to be a second port of call. If I don't progress in a few days I will try the bank route.

However I am asking for something extremely simple: to refund money that was charged in error. What company has no way of refunding a customer who they charged in error, especially when it is as clear cut as this? I am not asking for the moon, Virgin should be able to sort out their own mistake.

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