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Virgin Media are not honoring my upgrade

Tuning in

I have upgraded my Virgin Media package on the 3rd of January 2023 this was to the volt upgrade package that was found on my upgrade account section on the website when I was logged into my account.  You have not honored my contract and each time I reach out to talk to you about the matter all I get told is there is no contract and we can provide you with X, Y and Z.  

I am sorry but I have a contract with yourself that you are failing to honor I have made numerous attempts to resolve this issue with yourself but being fobbed off by you phone team at every attempt to resolve this, by continually trying to provide me the same package for a ridiculous price.  I have made a formal complaint on the 10th of January 2023 and yet have not heard anything from you in regards to resolving this issue, though I have attempted to reach out to your complaints team since making the complaint to see if you get an update myself but to be told there is nothing we can do and they will contact you when you are ready. 

I feel that I'm hitting my head off the wall continually each time I try and reach out it is a joke of a system, and not professional for a organization like yourself. 

Can you please help resolve this issue otherwise I shall have no other option but to take it to the Ombudsman Services. 


On our wavelength

Speaking to the offshore call handlers is a waste of time. Their customer service skills are zero and they are only interested in selling things and don't want to resolve your issue. The UK team are the only people worth speaking to but getting a hold of them is almost impossible.

We had a similar issue but after raised a complaint a couple of  weeks ago we finally got the issue resolved this week after we had some help from the Forum staff and a guy from UK Customer Services. They had had to give us an ongoing credit to match the price we had been quoted online. The deal we were offered is not on their system. Maybe it never was. Our situation sounds identical to yours so it may take some time but it will get fixed I'm sure. There seems to be epidemic of this kind of issue in the last couple of months so hopefully someone will take note and make sure these things don't happen again.

Although this has ben resolved to our satisfaction it does leave bit of sour taste ion the mouth. You have to wonder why their back office systems are so inadequate as to allow this situation to occur time after time.

Just keep plugging away and don't take "no" for an answer. It it doesn't get resolved within 8 weeks you can refer to the Ombudsman,

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi Natasha011,

Thanks for posting and welcome to our community 🙂

Sorry to hear there's been some confusion with your package and pricing. So I can take a closer look at your complaint I've popped you over a private message (purple envelope, top righthand corner)


Hey thanks for the information I feel that there are many people going through the same problem and many of them will accept another deal unknowing that the contract that they have with virgin is binding and they should hold there ground. 

I shall keep pushing for them to accept the contract that I was provided. 



Stick at it.  These "didn't get the deal I agreed" situations happen from time to time - in fact they happen regularly with Virgin Media. However, your legal rights are crystal clear - information provided by a company verbally or written is binding if the consumer relies upon it when entering a contract (Section 50 of the Consumer Rights Act 2015), so VM have to honour whatever was promised, whether they like it or not. No matter what VM say about "not the right deal", "can't offer that to you", "deal not on the system", you agreed a contract with their agent, that is now binding . And perhaps they need to re-train some of their staff because yours is a regular complaint in these forums.

Hopefully the forum staff can pick this up and get it sorted - by which I mean that you get exactly the deal you were promised, suitably backdated to when it should have been effective, and an appropriate goodwill gesture (say £70) for the inconvenience and stress. That would be the cheapest and quickest resolution for both parties, and the best way of trying to recover some goodwill in a bad situation. If they can't get it sorted in that complete manner (and don't settle for miserly goodwill payment), you need read the Virgin Media Complaints Code of Practice and raise a formal complaint. I suggest in writing, by recorded post. Reject the contract they're trying to impose, and demanding that as per your legal rights the company honour what was promised, and pointing out that if the company can't honour its agreement you will escalate to Ombudsman Services as soon as permitted by the rules.

If VM still won't honour the contract despite the complaint, or issue a fob-off resolution that doesn't settle things acceptably, then you reply by rejecting the "resolution" and asking for a deadlock letter, with that you take the matter to the Ombudsman. If VM stall and you can't get a deadlock letter then (ignoring that it is a breach of regulations) then eight weeks after your initial complaint was received by VM you can take the matter to the Ombudsman without a deadlock letter. Explain the background and request that VM be required to give you the promised deal, fully backdated, and add on a request for compensation for the hassle.

And apart from the first three words, all the above is boilerplate text that I have saved because I need to use it so often.  Usually the forum staff will sort this out for you without needing to go to complaints and the Ombudsman, but that route remains open if they can't sort it, or won't offer a reasonable settlement offer.

So I am still not been able to resolve the issue no response from anyone at Virgin Media regarding my account issue with my contract not being honored, and yet the complaint is stating that it has been resolved yet I have spoke to nobody in regards to it.  I find this extremely concerning how a complaint procedure has not be followed I feel that this should warn people how Virgin Media conduct there business and try and ignore the small individuals hoping that we will just go away or try and offer us new deals hopping to forget about the contract we have.  

I shall continue to fight this through this even if I have to call, email and inform people what is going on, I shall also be asking for a reasonable compensation amount due to the fact you think you can deflect talking to me, and fob me off at every attempt to resolve this issue. 

For anyone who currently has an issue with Virgin Media raise a complaint and if they don't listen then get a deadlock letter or wait 8 weeks without one and take it to the Ombudsman services to resolve the issue. DONT LET A LARGE ORGANIZATION TAKE THE MICK OUT OF US THE CUSTOMERS. 

Hi Natasha, 👋 thank you for returning to keep this public side of the thread updated! 

My colleague Alex has been offering support via PM 📩. I think you may have missed her reply until you posted here again this morning. She will be back in the office later this afternoon when she will continue to support you - we do just need to complete account security before we can offer help! 

Please do be aware that the forum is not an instant response service, and replies can vary depending on staff working hours and availability. We will do our best to offer you support with this as quickly as possible! If you ever need instant support the best route is via phone. You can call us on📞 0345 454 1111 or 150 from a VM landline. 

Thank you for your patience whilst we investigate and offer support.

All the best! 🌞


Hi Molly I did respond to your colleague private message on that day but I am not able to wait around all day for a response due to my work. I have also updated the forum as I have still not resolved the issue with you or any other part of Virgin Media be it by post or by phone.  It just feels that you either get run around or just ignored in a hope that I will just give perusing the problem that I have. 

It would be nice if you would ask us the information that you need to access my account and then I could provide this information using the private message function in one go without asking two questions at a time. This just delays the process of getting the issue resolved as I have said before I made a formal complaint to Virgin Media on the 10th of January and have not had a single response not by post, phone or email. 

I am hoping that you can help resolve this matter for me or if this is not possible then I shall request a deadlock letter and take the matter to the Ombudsman Services as this issue will be resolved one way or the other. 

We understand your frustration Natasha011, due to the way our security works in regards to DPA we have to separate the questions as some depend on the answer to the first two questions.


Alex will respond via PM as soon as possible.