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Victim of scam

Joining in

I am writing to you with a huge request that you contact equfix to remove me from their list as a debtor. As you know, the case number ️ (KMM83504376V66161L0KM)

 I was a victim of a scam. Someone used my personal details and another address


 where I never lived! and had nothing to do with! Namely, the situation is dramatic for me right now because I am applying for a mortgage. I'm in the final stage, but the bank won't let me go because my name and surname are on the equfax site, and more specifically, they require me to " 3. Require Equifax confirmation adverse data is fraudulent, or confirmation that it has been completely removed from applicant's credit file." So here's the case number in equifax " removed " please contact them as soon as possible to they removed me from their database, because something like this can prevent me from buying a house, and I am the victim. I've never had any problems with payments either at your company or anywhere else! I beg you, Virgin media, contact them and remove me from the list finally!!!! my credit score needs to get back to normal!


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Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @Grabi3030 

Thanks for posting, sorry to hear of this debt dispute. 

I will send you a PM now to assist further

Kind regards

Forum Team

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I have one more important question and request. Can you officially write to me that the account at this address was never mine, that I am a victim of scam, that I am already in the process of removing me from Equifax. So I can show it to the bank tomorrow.