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VOLT - Virgin/O2 - Anyone got a speed increase?

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Has any Virgin Media customer actually got confirmation of a speed increase to the next level after purchasing a pay monthly sim from 02 via the Volt link?

When buying and checking via 02 it says "You already have Volt benefits, or can't get them in your area"

A few people are saying that you actually have to upgrade your current Virgin package to get the increase, but the advertising says

"Double data on every eligible O2 Pay Monthly plan in your name, in your household. Plus a broadband speed boost to the next available level of Virgin Media fibre broadband (if you don’t already have the fastest speeds you can get in your area)"

Currently on M350 and was hoping to get free boost to M500

Nothing's ever simple is it!

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I thought if I had an existing O2 sim card this would entitle me to this offer without yet another sim being sent out ?? - So if I have an existing O2 sim and register for this offer the Oomph sim is disconnected ?

Sorry for the confusion @backtothefuture

Just to clarify, if you have an existing O2 sim and you join Volt, you will get to keep the sim card but have benefits added to both your VM and O2 services. 

If you have a virgin media oomph sim and you want to join volt, we will disconnect your VM oomph sim and issue you an O2 sim. 

You can find out more here


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Thanks for your reply, I'm still confused.


If I have an existing O2 (or I purchase one independently), and then join Volt I will keep my Oomph Virgin sim and also have the benefits added to my Virgin Media broadband account and existing O2 account ?

Just to confirm, do you have a Virgin Oomph sim currently or an 02 sim?

In essence in talking up Volt, the Virgin Oomph sim will get replaced by an O2 sim. This being because volt produces 2 bills, one for VM and one for O2.

If you have a virgin oomph sim and are looking to keep it, but want to join volt by getting an alternative 02 sim, Your oomph sim may still be affected as we no longer offer oomph sims as part of packages. You joining Volt would trigger a new package where the oomph sim would not be offered and will have to be replaced.

Please let me know if you still need help regarding this.


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To confirm - We already have an O2 sim but not in my name.  I've been offered a highly discounted O2 monthly sim that I can take out in my name independently (through a third party retailer).


I do also have the existing Virgin Mobile Oomph sim.


So, regardless how we do this the existing Oomph sim will be disconnected as part of the speed increase offered for having both Virgin and O2 ?



Update: Once I spoke to O2 they enabled Volt. I never needed to do anything with virgin, my speed increased automatically within a few days to the next tier speed.

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Forum Team (Retired)

Hello @del3165,

Thank you for the update on this.

Many thanks,

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Tuning in

My 02 says I’m opted in but can’t see any difference in Virgin account (already had both). Been about a week now

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Hi @ldiadamo 

It takes up to 14 days for the Virgin side to be updated and any speed increase added.

I don't work for Virgin Media.
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2 weeks ago I received an E Mail from VM telling me they were updating from the 600Mbs connection to the 1Gbs connection at no extra cost. About 15 minutes later I received another E Mail saying my Hub 3 would not cope with the 1Gig connection and that they were going to send me a Hub 4 which I received last week. I connected it all up and everything seemed to be working fine until I checked the connection speed, it is now about 150Mbs slower than when I had the 600Mbs connection. Just as well I'm not having to pay any more for the new connection!