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Unexplained very high final bills

I've had somewhat of a saga leaving Virgin Media, and I would really appreciate it if someone on this forum who works for Virgin Media could look into this for me, as after multiple webchats and calls I still don't know if it is resolved or where I stand. I have remained calm, respectful and polite to everyone I have spoken to on calls (todays call on 12 Feb being the best example). Here's the details and timeline:

  • I had a fixed price of £32 per a month for 100mbps fibre connection + phone
  • The fixed price ended on 28 Jan 2021
  • On 1 Jan 2021 my bill for billing period 10 Jan to 9 Feb 2021 went up to £38.23. My assumption for this increase is that it included an apportioned price rise for 28 Jan to 9 Feb.  I contacted a customer service advisor (Isiah) via webchat on 1 Jan to arrange another fixed price (to prevent it going up to £49.99 from 28 Jan). Screenshots below show that the price was to remain fixed at £32 per month for 18 months, with the latest bill also being amended to £32 accordingly:
  • 13 - 2021-01-01.jpg18 - 2021-01-01.jpg
  • The email confirmation I received shortly after had the wrong info: "Your next bill will be £64.87 and will be created as normal on 29th January 2021. The following bill will be £49.00 and include all credits and adjustments based on when the changes took effect, this is due 27th February 2021. Your new monthly bundle cost thereafter is: £49.00"
  • I checked my account to see that contract had been changed on 1st January and had actually gone up incorrectly to £49.99 per month, and that my January bill would be £64.87! As if anyone would even actually ring up before the reduced fixed price term ended, asking for the package to be exactly the same, but an early price rise to be applied! I queried this in another online webchat (with Abdul), who agreed this was wrong, "I will adjust the charges and make the payments £32 month, and I request you to provide us next 4 to 5 days to get that done for you" - see screenshots (these are just two screenshots from a longer conversation - note that it took 3½ hours to reach the end of the discussion!):
  • 25 - 2021-01-02.jpg28 - 2021-01-02.jpg
  • It goes (almost) without saying that I also attempted to call customer services about this issue but long waiting times made it impossible to get through, so I filled in a complaint form on the website, simply because it seemed the only other way to get in touch with Virgin - and the webchat was not always available and had extremely long waits.
  • I made a follow-up call to customer services (I didn't note the time or date down, unfortunately) explaining my account had not been amended to the agreed contract length and price, asking them to look at my customer contract details in their system, which should (hopefully) show a history of the webchat from 1 and 2 Jan, but they said as I was on the phone they could not look this up. They then offered my £35 a month for one year, but I refused as this was not honouring what I had been offered on 1 Jan and what I have screenshots of as clear evidence
  • I heard no more, and my account and bills had not been amended, so on 7 January I decided to calleand gave 30 days formal notice on my account, asking for the erroneous £49.99 contract to be cancelled, as I had not agreed to this price.
  • My Virgin Media service ended at 23:59 on Sat 6 February.  Note this is three full days before the end of the billing period for the £38.23 bill (which I have paid).  When explaining why I was giving notice, the representative said that they had been receiving many cancellation requests and that customer service representatives had been promising prices to customers that Virgin could not actual apply to contracts.  I also requested that no one from the retentions team made follow-up calls to me following this cancellation, because I had a new provider lined up and didn't want to use Virgin anymore ("I can't do this anymore" being my exact words)
  • Since giving notice, I have now received two further bills. The first for £64.87 for the billing period 1 Jan to 9 Mar, payment due Mon 15 Feb); the second for £9.34 for billing period 6 Feb to 9 Mar (payment due 26 Feb). I do not know why I have received either of these bills and have no explanation for the amounts.
  • This means:
  • I've been overcharged by £6.23 for (10 Jan to 9 Feb) This should have been £32
  • I've received bills for £74.21 since cancelling my service.
  • Furthermore, my £32 bill for 10 Jan to 9 Feb is now due a refund (which I calculated to be £4.07) as my contract ended on 6 Feb (three days prior to the end of this billing period).
  • Today, 12 Feb, I spoke to three Virgin representatives (having to explain the situation to each):
  • Billing enquiries: weren't able to deal with the query. Put me through to Customer Services. In fact they cut me off
  • Called back selecting 'Thinking of leaving us' (whom I spoke to on 7 Jan when cancelling contract). Said my account was inactive, so put me through to customer services.
  • Customer services: An hour long conversation in which I calmly and carefully tried to get an explanation and understating of what is happening. It was a vague and hard to following explanation.  My understanding of what I was told is the following:
  • I only have outstanding balance of £9.24 and he was to request this be credited
  • He confirmed I will have no further payments to make. I asked if I could cancel my Direct Debit and he said yes.
  • I requested a credit in total of £19.54, broken down as:
  • £9.24 for what he said is my only outstanding balance with Virgin
  • £6.23 for overcharging in the £38.23 January bill
  • £4.07 for the three days service I did not receive from Feb 7 to Feb 9
  • He said repeatedly this was too much, but offered no clear explanation as to why
  • He said he would put in a request for the £19.54 credit. I appreciate only £10.30 of this needs to be a refund (£9.24 would merely be the crediting of an outstanding bill)
  • I asked what the process is for "requesting" a refund and when and how I would find out. I didn't receive a clear answer.
  • Then he appeared to backtrack and said he would only request a credit of £9.24
  • He said he would request the credit and that he would put me on hold. He put me on hold and shortly afterwards the call was cut off, so I now have no confirmation of what is happening regarding these outstanding bills and overcharges
  • Based on what I was told in this call, I have now cancelled my Direct Debit, as it is my understanding there are no further bills to pay.
  • I have no confirmation of whether I will receive the refund for the £10.30 I am owed for the January overcharge and the three days service in my billing period 10 Jan to 9 Feb I didn't receive due to my service ending

I'm extremely mentally exhausted from the repeated calls, webchats, and general confusion. This isn't the first time either. Having only been with Virgin Media 3 years, this is the second time I've had a long, protracted issue with Virgin following mistakes made by customer service advisors.

Please can a Virgin Media moderator confirm for me:

1. That I now have no outstanding balance to pay. I have cancelled my Direct Debits based on the information in today's call, but given the inaccurate information I have been given repeatedly in the past, I am extremely worried these two bills are not cancelled, and that I am risking debt collection and damage to my credit rating unfairly

2. What is happening with the "request for a refund of the £10.30 that I have been overcharged as stated above

I'd really appreciate a Direct Message from someone to put my mind at rest and close this problem for good.


Thank you

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Re: Unexplained very high final bills

Also worth adding that I had multiple missed calls and voicemails from your salesmen after cancelling my contract when I explicitly asked you not to - because I was definitely leaving due to extraordinary poor customer service and was not interested in negotiating any new deal.

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Re: Unexplained very high final bills

Hi Andrison. 

I am really sorry to hear there are issues with your final bill.

I have also responded to you on another thread.  To avoid confusion and duplicates etc, I would prefer to keep the responses to this thread?  Please do get back to me and confirm you're okay with this?  Then we can proceed.



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