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Unable to Postpone Porting Phone Number from BT to Virgin

On 17 August I placed an order for Virgin broadband and phone, including a request to port my phone number from BT to Virgin. As soon as I placed the order, Virgin contacted BT to tell them that I was moving my phone line on 7 September (my installation date). BT then told me that I had until 3 September to change my mind, otherwise my BT service would automatically be cancelled on 7 September.

I asked BT if I could postpone porting my phone number until 16 September to allow for any delays in my installation date. BT said this could only be requested by Virgin. When I phoned Virgin Customer Services on 18 August about this request, R--- told me she would send this postponement request to the port team and gave me a reference number.

When I spoke to Customer Services again on 19 August, D----- confirmed that the request had been made but might take up to 5 days. He said it was quicker for me to make the request to BT myself, since they should have the option to postpone, but when I phoned BT again they told me this was not true, only Virgin can request any postponement. BT pointed out they would like to keep me as a customer for as long as possible, so if they could postpone moving my services they would be happy to do so.

On 24 August I spoke to Customer Services again and was told by C---------- that the request to delay porting until 16 September had been sent to BT, but he would ask the port department to repeat the request. He also gave me a phone number (0356 500101) that he claimed would allow me to contact the BT port department directly, but when I tried calling the number it was not recognised.

On 26 August N--- from Customer Services told me that the request to postpone porting should already have been made by the Pre-Installation team, but he couldn’t see any such request on my account. He then passed me on to R------ from the Pre-Installation team. R------ told me that such a request could NOT be made by Virgin to BT until after the pre-pull had been completed! He told me the pre-pull was scheduled for “today”. When I pointed out that pre-installation had already been scheduled for EVERY day since 18 August, and we were still waiting at home for anything at all to happen, he said this was “really unfair” to us and he would check on whether the pre-pull team had already been dispatched and phone me back later that day. We waited in all day but there was no phone call either that day or today.

My conclusion is that I have no idea when the pre-installation will actually happen, and judging by posts from other forum members it might not be until the day of installation on 7 September. If there were any problem or delay with this installation then it would be too late for me to cancel the termination of my BT services, so I would be left without any phone or broadband connection.

I find it very frustrating that different Virgin staff are providing me with misleading and contradictory information which I am having to waste a lot time dealing with. Therefore, if my pre-installation process is not fully completed before 3 September then I will have to cancel my Virgin order to avoid the risk of losing all my services.

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Re: Unable to Postpone Porting Phone Number from BT to Virgin

Hi Neuromancer1, 


Thank you for taking the time to get in touch. 


I am really sorry to hear of this experience and for the time you've spent trying to resolve this matter. 


We would need your number to be active with BT for us to complete the port, otherwise we wouldn't be able to transfer your number.  To avoid any further delay I'm going to send you a private message so we can take a closer look at your account and advise you accordingly. 


Look forward to hearing from you, 


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