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Telephone spam call from 08001836411

On our wavelength

Received a call from 08001836411 on my personal mobile (not a Virgin account), stating that the call is from VM.

The call was atrocious, couldn't understand what he was saying and the reception was awful.

Don't know why VM would want to call me on a mobile number rather than the land line for which I am paying? 

If this was a VM customer services call, can't you get someone who speaks clear English.


On our wavelength

Just received a call from this number; as usual, the line quality was so poor that it was impossible to understand the caller other than when they asked to confirm my name. He tried to tell me something but I asked him to email the details (which is never followed up based upon my experience). Note, I regularly have international calls / meetings etc. and none have such poor line quality as that which VM uses for it's call centre(s) based I guess in India? Frankly VM need to significantly improve if they want me to communicate with them verbally as generally it is a poor, unclear interaction and immediately causes me to simply wish to hang up.

If you out-source then you still need to assure quality of service, and if this is internal then, considering the problems have existed over several years there should be staff replacement throughout that part of the business from top down.

Hi StuartGMC,


Thanks for your post and I'm sorry to see that you've been left frustrated with a poor sales call.


We take your feedback on board, however it may be worth opting out of our marketing schemes - which you can do via your self-care account, which will put a stop to the calls.


Kindest regards,



David, only one option - marketing consent via all routes or none; no option to permit email only etc. Despite these options why is it that the calls are never followed up with emailed information on the "offer" etc; presumably as the operative doesn't get commission on them? 

So, I've opted out but can't believe the company has done nothing to address the problem of poor quality lines  etc. (I've been a customer since around 1994 in two locations with Cambridge cable/NTL before VM took over and only the FTTP has kept me as a customer but that is subject to review shortly.)

Joining in

This number rang me 10 times today and asked for my husband who has just died. I have informed virgin media of this fact and this is harassment.

I'm actually sorry I had to give you my email address for this forum as this will probably be another source of harassment.


Mary Jacobs

You've said NO to us staying in touch online and by phone, text message, post and email

These are the preferences on my account

Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Good morning @MJacobs99 


Thank you for taking the time to post. 


I am sorry to hear that you have had some issues with the number getting in touch with you. 


I am going to drop you a PM so that I can get some further account information to make sure that there are no further calls received. 


Kind regards,


I received 2 calls from this number today, first one at 13:28hrs, 2nd call at 19:58hrs, I answered both calls, no one spoke, long silence then I was cut off!! this is so annoying!!

Hi elainelinds, thanks for the message and sorry to hear that there was no voice on the other side of the call. This would be our sales team. - Chris. 

Got this call today 14:21, no voice, 34 secs of silence, cut off.

That would be the sales team at Virgin Media. They can be called back on 0800 052 0238 ^Chris