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Telephone spam call from 08001836411

On our wavelength

Received a call from 08001836411 on my personal mobile (not a Virgin account), stating that the call is from VM.

The call was atrocious, couldn't understand what he was saying and the reception was awful.

Don't know why VM would want to call me on a mobile number rather than the land line for which I am paying? 

If this was a VM customer services call, can't you get someone who speaks clear English.


Hi Orangeanorak, 

Really sorry this called caused you some concern and we do appreciate the feedback. 

Whilst in some cases it is us that rings you, we would need to confirm some details first to make sure we've got the right address, contact number and that we are speaking to you. 

Let us know how things go with your new hub 🙂 

Emma_C - Forum Team

I had a call from this number today - "Hello Mr Richard" - pigeon english.  I asked if he was calling from the UK - was unable to answer so I hung up.  I would advise anyone not to provide any personal information to callers outside the UK.  There is a strong chance that your details could be misused and there is no legal deterrent. 

On our wavelength

So I have had calls from a couple of 0800 numbers this week , and I just dismissed and blocked them as I do with all numbers I do not know.

Then I decided to look up the numbers, one of which was this one , and it seems to be Virgin Media calling me ( so was the other).

I have checked my marketing preferences and I am definitely OPTED OUT of all marketing calls, so I don't know what's going on there?

Last week I decided to upgrade my services, and these calls started just after that.

I have had emails regarding the upgrade, which is booked in for the new year, so why are they pestering me???

Hi Mark42


Thanks for posting. My apologies for this. 


I can see from checking you've recently done the upgrade so I'm not sure if it was to do with that or not?


Kind regards,

Forum Team

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On our wavelength

Thanks John

Yes, I have booked an upgrade , and when I booked it they asked for a primary, and secondary date when I wanted the technician to come out...

I booked primary before xmas, and secondary after , as they had slots free (according to the online tool) , but I received an email the next day telling me that the date would be 2 weeks later in January ???

So , no I haven't had the upgrade yet , that won't happen for another 3 weeks or so , and that's *IF* the equipment is available as I have heard there is a supply problem with new Superhubs , as I will need to upgrade my old SH2 to a 3 or 4 to make use of the higher broadband speeds.


Thanks for coming back to me, 


Apologies I'll clarify - The upgrade was delayed so I thought the calls would have been in relation to this as can see you're opted out of marketing


Kind regards,

Forum Team

Need a helpful hand to show you how to make a payment? Check out our guide - How to pay my Virgin Media bill

Joining in

I am also being pestered with phone calls so as advised by the forum staff I went to 'my preferences' in my virgin media but there you can only opt in or opt out from everything.  I would opt out of phone calls and texts but keep emails and post but there are no individual select options. There should be 4 select options.  Am I missing something or is this really such a primitive system.  I would appreciate an answer as I wish to sort this out. Thanks.

Hi @PatrickTiVo


What is is specifically that you wish to stop? Even if you opt out of marketing via your preferences, we will still contact you about your account or contract if needed, you won't miss out on those notifications. You will be contacted on the email and preferred phone number we have listed on your account


What you are opting out of are sales and marketing calls and emails. 


You can either choose to opt out or opt in via any method. Hope that helps explain a bit further. 



Katie - Forum Team

On our wavelength

Thanks John , but as they have already contacted me via email regarding the date, and there was no input needed from me regarding this , if they needed to ask anything or needed my contact they could have said so in the email surely

I'm not in any hurry , and didn't mind the extra wait as it was only a small change anyway.

If they want me to contact them I'll wait on the email 🙂

Done. Thank you....I think 😉 let's see if it works!