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Telephone spam call from 08001836411

On our wavelength

Received a call from 08001836411 on my personal mobile (not a Virgin account), stating that the call is from VM.

The call was atrocious, couldn't understand what he was saying and the reception was awful.

Don't know why VM would want to call me on a mobile number rather than the land line for which I am paying? 

If this was a VM customer services call, can't you get someone who speaks clear English.



Hi Wasyl,


Thanks for your post. Did the caller say they were Virgin Media customer services?

We may attempt to ring your mobile number if it was listed as your preferred method of contact.




Corey C

On our wavelength
Is the number, one that is used by Virgin Media?

Hey Wasyl,


I can confirm that this is a genuine Virgin Media number used for sales purposes.


If you wish to be removed from our marketing, you can do this by heading over to this link 


All the best,



On our wavelength

Hi Beth,

Also been getting this number almost every evening for the last week, didn't recognise so never answered, but the marketing link you gave seems to be for postal marketing, not phone...




HI Paul1965, 

you can edit your marketing preferences on your my virgin media account



If a major telecoms company cannot employ telephone operatives that can speak clearly, and the line is buzzing / low volume / massive interference, then it's reasonably that this would make people assume the worst. I assume that VM are outsourcing their sales calls abroad. Not a problem, intrinsically, unless the call-centres they are using are of poor quality.

Very happy to receive sales calls, especially if they result in me being able to lock in to a better deal (albeit a 12 month contract), but the experience in doing this is pretty bad.

Tuning in

I've had calls from this and 08001836408 - one time one was calling whilst I was speaking to the other!

Absolutely atrocious - neither of us could understand the other - if you erally do need to market in this way, you need to have proper English-speaking agents not those whose grip on my language is at best tentative!  I wouldn't telephone another country and expect them to speak English (although many do) and I was a GPO trained operator on Foreign Service!  
Also - a BIG gripe of mine - do not ring my number and expect me to give out ANY information or details at all, other than my name.  I do not care what your reason is or who you say you are, I do NOT gove out any info to an incoming phone call.  YOU say you are Virgin but I have no way of knowing who you are so I won't give even my postcode.

If this was a genuine marketing call from VM, and you don't want to receive those kinds of calls, sign into 'My Virgin Media' and set your contact preferences accordingly and you should hear no more from VM.

Your security principles are sound!

Tuning in

Yes I just had a call from this number. To be honest I nearly hung up as I thought it was a scam call. Its extremely like the ones you get from scam companies. The 'english' was very poor and I was referred to as 'Mr John' which is my christian name but not surname. I checked the number out on this site before proceeding. It was an offer for a free upgrade to Hub 4. They wanted my address and postcode. I thought that was odd as they should already have known that. They arranged for a delivery date and that was it. I have to say that if I had not checked on here first I would not have proceeded. You need to change things as this method of communication is not good. Whats wrong with emails where you have time to check things out rather than get a cold call that you are likely to hang up on.