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Speaking to a manager

Tuning in

I would like to know how I can get hold of a manager or someone competent and senior enough to sort out a package that I was offered.

This is virgin's last chance before I report them to ofcom


Tuning in

My nightmare began on the 17th November, I was looking into cancelling my virgin media contract; as I guessed I was offered different packages to keep me as a customer, during this 9 HOUR conversation over WhatsApp I was offered a package that did NOT exist as an already 02 customer I was offered your volt package which consisted of M350 'supercharged' to M500 broadband, unlimited 02 SIM contract and 3 free WiFi pods for 18months at the price of £39. Me and the agent spoke about the package in detail for 45 mins before I accepted. Once I accepted the offer mysteriously became unavailable.

At this point I rang virgin media and spoke to a guy who seems like the only person who works for you to know what they were doing or talking about, he informed me the only reason why the package became unavailable was because it simply did not exist but he assured me as I had agreed to the package it should and would be honoured by a manager.... Simple right?

I made the massive error of leaving the competency of the guy on the phone to speak to the agent on WhatsApp again, explained what I had been told on the phone, explained to her how it needs to go ahead to be honoured etc etc, she then tried to point her finger at me saying that I had made mistakes during the conversation as had she and that she was not going to honour the package she offered me, she also told me her manager couldn't come online because he was unavailable and that I must put it through a s a complaint. 9 HOURS and I was exhausted so reluctantly agree.


Roll forward to the 24th November I get an email saying 

'Here’s a quick recap

Your complaint was:
Cable -> My Contract/Package -> My package isn't as described

And here’s what we agreed:
Package -> Package correction


We’ve now closed your complaint. Thank you for being so patient with us.' 

Brilliant! ....or so I thought....

24 hours later nothing has changed on my account

48 hours later still nothing 

I ring late one evening believe to be around 8.30pm to speak to a woman from the Philippines, I explain everything to her she can't help me, nor can her manager as he was in a black Friday meeting.... Convenient? After abit more of a discussion I find out the real reason. She won't help me because her shift finishes at 9pm she tells me to ring back in the morning, I ask to make a complaint and she informs me I can not do this nor can I be transferred to a complaints department as virgin do not have a complaints department!

As you guessed it I rang back the minute the phone lines were active the following morning to be greeted by a gentleman who bless him could not help me as I went through to the technical team to try and avoid being brushed off, he sent me through to the customer service department.

I ended up speaking to an English woman, I spoke to this woman about everything I have been through she puts me on hold of a substantial amount of time, she gets her manager involved and I'm on hold again while her manager goes through my records.... They can see EVERYTHING, they agree with me and the complains resolution email this is a non existent package which should be honoured, we agree to me paying the full £25 for the 02 SIM as that is not part of virgin so can not be manipulated in price... And the internet would be heavily discounted to £14 to get to the total of £39.....Fine by me. She mentioned she couldn't send 3 WiFi pods straight away but could send 2 first and then one after if I still needed it.... Fine by me, naively thinking I getting somewhere.

The woman on the phone insists to make this work she will send me the contract for the m500 broadband at full price as she needs to obtain a discount voucher to reduce the price, the discount voucher will arrive in her email box 48 hours the latest, she gave me her working hours for the next 2 days so I am able to keep an eye out for a phone call and do you believe it..... She did NOT ring back, surprise surprise.

So again I ring back now I'm talking to Zain from the Manchester office he can see everything on my records BUT he can't do anything until they are able to receive the transcript from the WhatsApp chat, as someone had put a complaint in through the telephone line transcript. I tell him I have screenshots and can email them to him but you guessed it that's not good enough and clearly I'm lying about all of this so I agree we put through another complaint, don't asked me of what as I don't know as I don't get a copy of the contents of any complaint made on my behalf nor can I see the contents through my account. Zain said it should all be sorted within 10-14days and that he would ring me back on the 17th of December to sort the rest out...

Today 14/12/2022 I get a reply to Zains request of the transcript that i will hear back from someone within a MONTH not the timeframe I was assured of so I doubt I will be getting Zains phone call either.

So now is virgin's last chance i am not prepared to wait any longer for someone competent to sort this issue out, I want to make a formal complaint, I want to speak to a manager otherwise I will have no choice but to take it further 




Hi emmawilliamson9, 

Thanks for your post and welcome to the forums. It's great having you on board with us in the Community.

I'm sorry to hear you've been having issues trying to get a deal applied to your account. We're unable to make package changes via the Community so unable to help you with this I'm afraid. 

What I will advise is that any deal that is offered, can be retracted unless you've signed any pre-contract documents. If you only agreed via WhatsApp and the agent advised on the same conversation that they were unable to apply it then we wouldn't be required to offer this. The teams can of course ensure feedback is given to the agent to address training needs. 

The other thing I would advise is that as this seems to be being dealt with by the team, there are processes in place which have timescales I'm afraid. Contacting us via different methods will likely push things back to the start so as frustrating as it is, you will need to wait for the team to come back to you. 

If the complaint is still unresolved after 8 weeks, you will then be able to take this to the next step which will be the Ombudsman. Until then, you'll need to wait for our internal processes to complete. 

Apologies once again. 


Forum Team

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clearly you have not read my message properly.


Your complaints department has already AGREED to honour the package the first time a complaint went through, since then I have been sat waiting for it to be completed.


please familiarise yourself with the link below

This is the law clearly written in black and white so us the consumer does not get fobbed off by the lies companies like Virgin media train you to say

I relied upon the information I was told (for 45minutes, not that it really matters the length of time I'm just pointing out how long we discussed in detail the service she was mis-selling me) that the agent gave me before entering into the contract, and I agreed to these. According to the law anything agreed or advised that the consumer relies upon becomes a formal part of the contract so regardless of pre contract documents being sent to me


I know my issue is going through your system, it has been going round the system for nearing a month, I have been ringing about said issue multiple times, my issue is I was given the time frame of 10-14days by Zain from the Manchester office which I reluctantly agreed too, not a month which is what I have been given now for a package to be honoured which has been already AGREED.


you can not penalise nor imply to penalise me by making me wait as it will 'push things back' by trying to contact someone who works for virgin media to resolve my issue which again has already been AGREED by YOUR complaints department. I am entitled to ring, WhatsApp, community forum, twitter, Facebook or local news to get my issue looked into. I have waited long enough for this to be updated after being resolved I am not waiting any longer. 

And for the the final time incase it's been overlooked, forgotten or ignored

The package I was offered has been agreed too by the complaints department.... I have the email confirming this

so I am asking can someone please help sort this out.




Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

If you've been offered the resolution you want from a named individual or department, I would suggest letting them resolve that. Are you willing to post up the (personal details obscured please) email you have? That might just help the forum staff to find the right person to give a nudge to.

Whilst you're quite entitled to make as many posts on social media platforms as you wish, if you want to get the best resolution then there are ways & means of navigating VM's processes, to make that easier for you.

I'm a Very Insightful Person, I'm here to share knowledge, I don't work for Virgin Media. Learn more

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Hello japitts

I will upload now the email I have.

I totally agree with you there are ways and means of contacting virgin media to get this resolved.

I did not appreciate Kath's threat of things going back to the start because I have tried a different way to get this sorted as so far I have followed all time frames patiently and have already been penalised for chasing it up after it was agreed to be sorted

Hey @emmawilliamson9, thanks for the reply on the forums.

I'm sorry to hear about the poor experience of the package you've had.
I will assist you on getting this resolved.
I will send a private message - watch out for the purple envelope inviting you in.

Kind regards,

Forum Team

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