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Rolling contract upgrade

On our wavelength

Im currently on a rolling monthly contract for tv/bb and phone. It costs me £126 a month at moment.I have spent a couple of hours on live chat and enquired about the bigger bundle and sports package which to new customers is £62 a month. I know I wouldn't be offered that same deal (but thought I may get it at least for under £100 a month. I was finally offered £112 a month for same package but only 250mb bb, even though I haven't received any emails to either agree or reject. Currently looking at other providers. Anybody else been in same situation with upgrading a rolling contract.






Forum Team
Forum Team

Hey Iennon666, thank you for reaching out and I am sorry to see you are having some issues with an upgrade.

How did you look at deal, was it over the phones?

Also if you did you accept this deal you should of got some paperwork sent you by email to confirm this, please do let me know. Thanks 

Matt - Forum Team

New around here?

Hello, I used the app on my phone, to discuss new deal. I haven't agreed to anything yet, as I'm still awaiting email with the new offer.





If this is the case they agent would of noted it on your account for you to have a think about.

If you do decide you want this deal I would give the teamring on 0345 454 1111 they are open between 8AM- 9PM Monday - Friday or 8AM-6PM Saturday and Sunday. 

Unfortunately we don't deal with package changes with the forums sorry. 

If calling does not work for you we many other ways of reaching out you can find out here. Thanks 

Matt - Forum Team

New around here?

Hello. Still had no email with details of package offered as the agent I spoke to said they would.
So looks like I will have to now phone instead.

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Bear in mind that "I'll email you the offer" potentially doesn't count for much in the grand scheme. VM discount offers are usually of-the-moment, and Martin Lewis' otherwise excellent "ask the dog" approach to retentions doesn't work with VM. Once you've effectively said "not now", then any offer you've been given should be considered gone.

Have a price in mind that you're prepared to pay, and if you're offered that - accept it immediately. The contract confirmation will have all the details, you can always use 14day cooling off if you change your mind.

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Were you able to call the team as recommended by Matthew_ML lennon666?



Tuning in

I was told last year by a VM service agent that I could only get on a new customer package if I wasn't on any fixed contract and rolling. So I have been rolling contract for 11 months.

Today they say it doesn't count and I have to leave and wait a month before coming back to get new customer offer to get a better deal. But why would I do that when I could get a better new customer offer somewhere else? In 2007 I had two broadband+tv+phone contracts and three mobile contracts with VM. Today I only have only one broadband contract left and I will be cancelling that today. Their policy really doesn't make much sense.

I'm moving to a service that is a third cheaper. If I were you, I would shop around, considering the amount you pay, you can get a lot better out there! I have a BB Vodafone contract that went rolling last year and they haven't increased it 9 months later, they've just left it rolling with the same discount I had 2 years ago and it's cheaper than their own current new customer deals. Guess who I will be moving to?

Sorry to hear you're leaving us munstermunch, have you given your 30 days notice to the team to cancel?

If you can give the team a call on 150 from a Virgin Media landline or 0345 454 1111 option 1, option 4 then option 4 this will get you through to the contracts team who will be able to assist with this.



No, wont be able to till next week.