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Re: More Volt "Upgrade" issues

Joining in

I was sold (over the phone) an upgrade to my package that had broadband and an O2 10Gb monthly package

Now all my O2 contracts say 5Gb a month. O2 and Virgin are denying that anything is wrong as they say that the Volt benefit is that my data gets doubled. But that's not how it was sold to me.

Double 10Gb is 20Gb.

Really serious issues with misrepresenting and mis-selling deals from their call centre people. Appalling customer service now as they just keep shutting my complaint after not reading it properly and deciding that the issue I'm having is something completely unrelated.

Useless companies!


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi MagnoliaToaster, thanks for the message and welcome to the forums. 

I am sorry to hear that you are having issues with the Volt service and this is not the service which we want you to have. 

What 02 are saying is correct, you are getting 10GB data allowance. We would be able to upgrade you to the 10GB sim but this would incur an extra cost. 

Kind regards, Chris.