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Re: Price increase

And as we have said all along it is a deception by Virgin to have two types of king term contract with different conditions and different consequences and none of the customers know what they are signing up for 

total scam

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Re: Price increase

@AlexanderMTTH wrote:
Maybe you've missed this in the midst of unhappiness, but the answer reads
*"so if you accepted a fixed price then you’ll receive that until the end of the discount period."*

which for me cleared up all the uncertainty raised in over 10 pages of replies. Admirable, but the answer is there! If you're under a contract this will be respected, otherwise, if you're not (which all the answers seem to be) you'll have an increase.

More simple than this can only be done with drawings.

Nice condescending post right there!

'Maybe you missed it' where despite this statement being made repeatedly by Virgin 'many' customers have still seen there price increase, even when renewing contracts just this year (2021 if your not aware)

Read the thread/s before clicking post on misinformed 🐴💩

If I've helped let me know 🙂

10 year's managing 9 Virgin Media accounts, and things never got any better, closed last 4 accounts since January 2021 :L

I give 'my' experience to help where possible.
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