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Price increase sales tactic

Tuning in

I'm currently on a deal with virgin that includes maxit TV, 125Mb broadband and phone line for £56 a month this is due to end in November this year. (used to be on 200Mb broadband but downgraded for a better price as it makes no difference to my streaming whether I'm on 125mb or 200mb).

I have been looking at leaving penalty free when virgin announce there soon to be imposed 13.8% increase, as l don't see any justification for a price rise of this size.

Well though and behold l got a call from virgin yesterday from there so called loyalty department offering to extend my offer for an extra year and upgrade my broadband to 350Mb for £64 a month. I explained that l didn't need 350Mb broadband and was looking at ending my service when they announce the price increase as l felt the increase of 13.8% was unjust. He then went on to say that the new deal would protect me from the price increase. Now I'm not sure what planet he thinks l came from but by my calculation if l'm currently paying £56 a month then if you add 13.8% it comes to the £64 a month he was offering me the deal for !!!! .

Not really much loyalty there, just a sneaky way of implementing the price increase before its even come in to affect. I pointed this to him and explained that l wouldn't be accepting it especially as new customers were being offered the big bundle package with 250mb broadband for £29.99.

I've been with virgin for years and I'm sick to death of each year having to go through the whole cancellation process to get your price reduced to a so called deal that is still no where near what they offer new customers. Time to buy a PVR recorder and out them for good let's face it who really needs 350mb broadband anyway. 




Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @Damon6969,

Thank you for your post and welcome back to our community forums. We're here to help.

It's a shame to hear that you're considering cancelling and leaving us. You will receive a personalised communication that will detail the specific change to your monthly charge. Price increases will vary as it will be specific to the service(s) you have.


Zach - Forum Team
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I  guessing my increase will be 13.8 % judging by the fact that I've been offered a deal £8 more than what I'm currently paying. We wait and see.