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Price increase con

Dialled in

Had letter this morning £7 increase for 200mb bb. 
Back of letter new terms from 2024 April increase will be 3.9% plus rate of inflation with no right to CANCEL!!!!!

Even if you get a new contract now your still going to pay next year’s price rice for 6 months without being able to cancel your 18 month contract.

Bargaining gone.

Was offered £3.50 for six months to help with increase 🃏🃏😂😂😂


Alessandro Volta

Well, check out smaller ISPs as most of the big ones are doing the same thing.

Zen Internet have no price increases in their 18 month minimum term, and there's smaller ISPs (Aquiss, uno, IDNet, CIX) who offer 12 month minimum terms with fixed prices, although check what the deal includes.  You'll find these companies generally offer better customer service than the large ISPs, but there is a trade off, which is a lack of the pile-it-high-and-sell-it-cheap offers that the large ISPs push.  So if lowest price up front is all that matters, there's a good chance that Vodafone, TalkTalk, Shell and Plusnet will be on your list - just expect similar pricing practices to VM, and customer service that's to the same standard as VM.

I'm now with Aquiss, so my price rise this year will be nil.  Admittedly I'll have to see what they offer me for next year, but as they don't do deeply discounted new customer deals I'll not be faced with the large ISPs "cliff edge" that happens when offers expire.


Not looking for cheapest price but to change there conditions and give you no option to barter or to cancel your contract without paying a penalty but still pay the price increase next year,they should go back to a 12 month contract.

25 years with them but lately problems only ever had broadband.

Must look into those companies you’ve mentioned so long as you get good service I don’t mind paying more.

Alessandro Volta

It's worth a trip over to ISP Review.  That linked article was written before this year's price increase round and changes to T&Cs hit, so you need to bear that in mind, but it's still a good read. 

Other useful resources are Trustpilot (and read a few pages of most recent reviews rather than rely on the average rating), or if considering a big ISP at least take a gander at Ofcom's quarterly Hall of Shame.  The way Ofcom gather data they ignore the smaller ISPs, but ISP Review's Top Ten list will give you a feel.

Of course, no ISP is perfect so it's possible a smaller ISP might get things wrong, and conversely some people have great experience with the likes of VM, Vodafone or Shell.  But if you're looking at the probability of things going wrong, and being badly handled if they do, then that's where it makes sense to avoid large, impersonal companies with poor quality service.  If you must go with a large ISP, then BT have all customer contact based in the UK, and Sky use offshore but do pretty well at minimising complaint numbers (but I'd still avoid both).

Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hey idunno, thanks for reaching out on our help forum and sorry to hear how you feel about our price rise.

1. Many of our main competitors have announced changes to prices, and more are expected to do so this year.

2. We are confident that we provide excellent value for our customers by including daily saving on Priority, discounted TV subscriptions through Stream, and boosting broadband speeds and data through Volt.

3. We also support our vulnerable customers through our Essential Broadband packages as well as Talk Protected landline customers, all of which will not see their prices change.

Let us know in case you have more concerns, happy to advise more.

Forum Team

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It’s not the price increase really got my changed to £1.50 it’s mainly about the new terms where there’s no option to cancel your contract without a penalty from April 2024 been with NTL&VM since 1998 and always been able to sort out a new deal but that’s all gone now,18 month contract you could end up paying 2 price increases.

Another satisfied customer 

Dialled in

Update,increase £7 offered £3.50 discount for 6 months no no no upgraded to 1gig £56 ok yes to that then found out new customer gets it for £45 phoned asked for that price no no no can’t do that so cancelled 1gig asked to go back to old bundle 250mb broadband for £28 hard to understand what was being said agreed to everything.

Got an email this morning new price down from £28 for 250mb to £22 for 250mb increase of £7 reduction of £13 but they have taken back the 3 pods and not on volt anymore.

I thought the pods and Volt were free never asked to go on Volt looks like you pay extra for these services you never asked for,pods are useless 2 have packed up same as stream box keeps buffering.

Good luck all on a price reduction.  Wasn’t kept waiting on phone call

Hi @idunno thanks for getting back to us.

And thanks for providing us with an update to your personal situation.  With you having the experience you've reported, I would like to take a closer look on your behalf. Just to make sure everything is as it should be. I am going to send you a private message. Please look out for the purple envelope in the top right of your screen.



Hope it is more than happy with it 

Hi idunno, thanks for the message and welcome back to the forums. 

I can see that Lee is PMing and will look at getting this resolved for you. 

Please let us know how it goes, kind regards, Chris