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Not covering yourselves in glory


This is just another moan really but also a warning to others.

We phoned to re-negotiate a new contract ahead of the price rise in May, as usual it wasn't exactly easy.

First guy we spoke to thanked us for our loyalty (25+ years) but then things went downhill. We were offered a fixed price of £36 for 18mths (very basic package of BB/phone), they emailed us the pre-contract agreement and low and behold, it came in at £36.75 (can live with the extra 75p) but at the bottom it stated that it went up £10 after 6mths, pointed this out to the person who had offered us the deal, they said they'd put us through to someone who would fix it. Presumably, they just transferred us to another agent who then proceeded to tell us that the previous deal wasn't possible and tried to negotiate again. We got annoyed and hung up, then called back and have now been told it's been sent through to someone but should go through okay at the agreed £36 for 18mths. Hopefully that's the case but even so you are giving yourselves a seriously bad reputation doing stuff like this, there's little point in thanking customers for loyalty when you're going to treat them like that as your actions show that loyalty really means nothing to you.


"Did our team send any confirmation of the agreed price at all?"

We received a pre-contract agreement for £36.75 going up to £46.75 after 6mths (after agreeing what we thought was £36pm for 18mths) and then we tried to sort that out and the final contract that went through and is on the system is for £35 going up to £45 after 6mths. But what was agreed in the initial phone call we understood it to be £36 for 18mths and when we questioned it going up £10 after 6mths with the person who made us the offer (we looked at the contract mid phone call) they seemingly just transferred us to another salesperson (claiming that they would fix it for us) and we feel like we've been messed about ever since.

Like I said we will see the £35pm going up to £45pm contract out because we feel like your phone staff can't seem to get anything right and whether these antics are deliberate or not it has left a really sour taste in our mouths.

You would need to call the team on 150 from a Virgin Media landline or 0345 454 1111 option 1, option 4 then option 4 this will get you through to the contracts team who will be able to look into this further for you. We aren't able to make any changes to packages/contracts via the forums mmj.


If you have a copy of the original contract showing £36 for the full 18 months then we would honour that.